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[LINUX]thinkpad e595-led fn lock

2020-05-22, 1:23 AM

Hello lenovo users!

To sum up, my fn lock led doesn't change once the laptop have been started. If you have the fn lock enabled from the last boot the key have the led ON the rest of the "use time", if you have the fn lock disabled the led is OFF, but it is from the boot, if you change once it's booted the led won't change until you restart or poweroff-power on( the led NOT change but the locked function changes actually)  I mean that the lock status change but the LED not.

The problem happens for me in Linux only since I have windows and the problem is not present since I installed the needed drivers from lenovo vantage.

BTW I am running linux 5.6 but I can " test" the 5.7 ones to see if that kernel version fix the problem.


All the other leds works well out of the box In linux. ( microphone, mute, numlock...) but the fn lock.. it's not a big deal but.. it's a bug actually.


Can someone confirm the problem?



I have opened a bug in the kernel so you can go direct there:






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Re:[LINUX]thinkpad e595-led fn lock

2020-05-28, 20:18 PM

I can confirm your problem.


Linux Mint 19.3, Kernel 5.3.0


FnLock LED status does not change, but the functionality of the keys changes (e.g. F5 either refreshes the browser or reduces screen brightness)


I have not noticed this before since I never change this setting :-)


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Re:[LINUX]thinkpad e595-led fn lock

2020-05-29, 9:30 AM

I cant confirm the problem (OK, different machine type...)

If I power-off with LED on, it comes up ON and the functionality is as expected. LED can be toggled.

So...all fine here

X1 Extreme Gen.2 running openSUSE Tumbleweed
T520 (Tumbleweed as well) ...and some older ThinkPads
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