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Audio questions

First, I'd like to say that I'm a proud new owner of my Thinkpad Edge as of Tuesday, to replace my previous workhorse, the T42.


Anyways, my questions regarding the audio controls are as follows:


1. Is there any way to make the keyboard mute button only mute, and not just toggle muting on/off? I'm used to my T42 where I'd rather trust that when I hit mute several times, there is no mistake that I still want my laptop muted.


2. Is there any way to make the keyboard volume controls always act on the master volume? If I'm in an application that has it's own separate volume control, the keyboard controls seem to only modify that application's volume and not the global volume. I have to click off that application in order to control the master volume again.



Otherwise, I so far really like my Edge. My only real gripes are the volume control, lack of status LED's (hard drive, wifi, etc.) and the function keys. I'd still would rather had F1-12 be more clearly labeled next to the control icons as I'm typing in the dark right now and cannot see them at all. On my T42, there was either the LED light to see them, or by feel, there were gaps in between a set of four (f1-4, f5-8, f9-12) so you could "feel" which one it is in the dark. Since the symbols are done in white and large they are easily seen but I can't see the function key labels at all.




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