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BIOS update crash thinkpad e555

Hello there friend. I was using thinkpad e555 on windows 7 since 3 years. Never had a bit of a problem with it. I changed to windows 10 and was updating my drivers . Everything was moving smoothly and when it came to bios it went on smoothly for sometime then nothing happend. I restarted my computer and now there is a blackscreen with nothing on it. I have no idea what i could do. Any suggestion is appreciated

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Re: BIOS update crash thinkpad e555

sad to see nobody has come up with an answer yet, especially no Lenovo reps showing up on this subject!


I remember that one BIOS update for me was also confusing with laptop not booting anymore, that was because of specific BIOS settings UEFI and such....


If your BIOS is still accessible but no OS is loading you might have wrong OS defaults. Double check the readme for BIOS here, if problems remain there might be a chance using a bootable CD/DVD to reflash the BIOS. This page also explains how to do that. Try to disable/enable certain UEFI secure options in BIOS to get Windows booting.

And there also were some reports of E555 not booting without a USB device plugged in, while a previous BIOS version solved usually the issue, unfortunately no clarification from Lenovo either on that subject.

If nothing works at all, e.g. even entering BIOS not possible, the BIOS is corrupted just in it's settings or in its entietry. You might find some solutions for other laptop models, i wouldn't say there is a very E555 specific solution. For such BIOS issues the best chance you have for a DIY fix is to empty the battery completely.

You should unplug the power and take out the battery, then put them back and try to start the computer. If this doesn't work I'd call the local Lenovo support to send it in for repair. I'd say since Lenovo is responsible for bad BIOS update software and unsecure procedures they should show some goodwill and repair it for free even if guarantee has ended.

In case Lenovo would be harsh and blame it on you double check with local repair shops for laptops. Some might be able to offer a BIOS flash for less money.

Hope this helps....

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