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Paper Tape
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Battery life ?



I am using Edge 13, Intel, 2gb,7200K HD, 6 cell battery , and the battery life is only up to 4 hours. Basically I am doing purely doing development and very little wifi. Lenovo claims that the battery life would go up to 8 hrs. Not sure if there is any problem with my battery or Lenovo actually exaggerating about about the hours...


Can someone share your battery life information here and what hardware you have ? Thanks.

Serial Port
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Re: Battery life ?



I am running edge 13, Intel ULV, 4 Gig Ram, 500 GIG HD, 6 cell battery with intergrated 3g. With WIFi running and my I get around 5h 30. But that is basically with word processing and and a some internet surfing.


You dont have anything running in the background that might be chewing juice, like a virus scanner ?


Kind Regards,




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Battery life ?

Im at about the same as Leighton. With wifi or WWAN its about 5 hours, with radios of and screen brightness turned almost all the way down (in the 1-3 range)it hits about 6:30 but thats on the battery meter i havent actually timed it.

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