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What's DOS?
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Cannot Connect Bluetooth Headphones E560

I just bought a Thinkpad E560 with BT 4.0. Now I want to connect my Sony (MDR-XB650BT) Headphones. I can find the Headphones and pair them but when I want to select them as audio device in the audio manager I cannot activate them. I can choose "Activate" from the right-mouse-click-menu but nothing happens. I use Windows 10. The BT adaptor is installed several times but no change. It always says that the most recent driver is installed. Whe I download the Qualcomm driver from the lenovo website and want to install it, it says:

The device may not be present or could have been ejected/unplugged from the system. Insert or reinsert Now.

But the BT device is plugged in and there is the microsoft driver installed.

I can't find any other option to get my Headphones work.

Can anyone help me with that? Would be very happy if I could use them...

Thx Campi

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-19-2016
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Re: Connect Bluetooth Headphones

Just saw that now the BT adaptor doesn't find my headphones anymore Smiley Wink
What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot Connect Bluetooth Headphones E560

I'm running an E560 on Windows 7 64 bit Professional.  I see the same Bluetooth issue exists on future versions of Windows.  That is not very comforting.  I first noticed this issue the first day I had this laptop after updating Windows and Lenovo software/drivers around 6 months ago.  I was using Bluetooth MEE audio Matrix2 headphones. These headphones work fine on mutliple other laptops and desktops I use regularly.  I received audio through these headphones but the audio sounded horrible.  Today I tried connecting ARCTIC P253 BT Bluetooth headphones that I also use all the time on multiple computers and smart phones.  I get the same mono audio out of the headphones.  Both of these devices show up as headsets when installed.  I've tried removing and re-installing drivers multiple times even showing hidden items in device manager to make sure nothing was still hanging out there.  The "Listen to Music" link shows up under Services but clicking the link does nothing.  The Bluetooth Headphones option under playback devices is grayed out and though I can right click and choose connect this does nothing.  Under the ARCTIC P253 BT properties menu under the Services tab Audio Sink, Handsfree Telephony, Headset, and Remote Control are the only services listed and are all checked.  The following is listed under device manager both as visible and hidden devices:


Bluetooth Auxiliary

-Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Sink)

-Audio/Video Remote Control

-Bluetooth Server

-Hands-Free Profile

-Headset Profile


Bluetooth Radios

-Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)

-Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator


This is my first Lenovo purchase and although the physical build quality seems nice I am not impressed with this laptop.  Not having a physical switch or even a quick key to disable/enable Bluetooth is no good.  Also, only one indicating light that doesn't show hard drive activity is disappointing.  But above all this the Bluetooth issue is the worst.  I exclusively use Bluetooth headphones every day so this problem has kept me from even using this laptop for months.


Is there a better place to post this stuff or a number to call to expedite this issue?  I see this was posted months ago with no response.  My laptop is still under warranty so I'm almost to the point to physically submitting the laptop under RMA if nothing else but I hate to do that.


I'm sorry for the poster sharing in this issue but at the same time I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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