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Paper Tape
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Choice between ThinkPad Edge E335 and E430


I am looking to buy a lenovo laptop with the intention of using it mostly for word/excel applications, internet browsing and skype, and basic multimedia tasks (online video streaming, movies). The laptop's emissions (noise/heat) are key for me and by looking online, the E335 version seemed to be praised for its very low emissions and its low price.

The only drawback is that it has the AMD E2 2000 processor, which performs much lower than its intel i3 counterparts.
I wanted to check for your experience with the emissions of the E335, and whether the weaker processor would play a role in the performance of the laptop for the basic tasks intended.

Also, I wanted to ask whether choosing the E430 version with intel i3 and would result in any drawbacks in terms of emissions.



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Re: Choice between ThinkPad Edge E335 and E430



This is all a matter of budget and taste, plain and simple. In my experience, the AMD mobile APU's simply aren't

on par with the performance of the Core-i processors, and even when running the same clock speed as their

Intel counterparts, they run hotter, sometimes much hotter. They are a budget option though, and as such I guess

they will do their job adequately.


Here is a comparison for the AMD E2-2000 vs the Intel i3-3110M Ivy Bridge.


AMD E2-2000 vs Intel Core i3-3110M


The difference is vast when it comes to available features and performance, but the AMD uses much less power,

but that will be very apparent in its performance and will be a huge factor in how long the machine will last for you

before you need to update it.


My 2 cents is always go with the Intel Core-i option. They are very energy efficient, specially since the Ivy Bridge

architecture was introduced, and the smallest i3's really are a powerful option for a day-to-day machine. And the

machines that come with them aren't so much more expensive than the AMD powered machines.


Lastly, have you checked out the new E440 models? The Haswell line of Intel CPU's is much more energy efficient

than the earlier Ivy Bridge models.


ThinkPad E440 Laptop



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Re: Choice between ThinkPad Edge E335 and E430

My vote goes to Intel, Atli's advice is great, also check out the E440!

The E-series are really a good choice when on a tight budget, I have never heared anyone complain about them in Belgium.

And an i3 is practically an i5 without turbo boost and other minor differences (processor features)

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider - Windows Insider MVP

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Paper Tape
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Re: Choice between ThinkPad Edge E335 and E430

thanks to both!

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