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Different keyboards for E125: why does Lenovo permit this kind of variability?

Hi All,


I just bought an E125 during an extended trip to Thailand.  It's a great little machine and it's a shame Lenovo doesn't bother selling it in North America (where I'm from). 


My problem is that the keyboard I got on my machine is different from the one I was shown at the shop.  I looked up the part number for the keyboard and realized that Lenovo actually has two different FRU numbers for their keyboards for this model (as well as the X121). 


The keyboard I have has a very shallow key travel that is noticeably less than the one in the shop.  A friend has the same machine and he got one of the good ones -- nice deep key travel that we expect from a Thinkpad.  Why does Lenovo permit its keyboards to made differently and then insist they are interchangeable?.  They are not. 


Lenovo is well know for this pracitce as many Thinkpad owners know that there are three different manufacturers for their other models.  I am a former owner of a T60 that has experienced the Chicony and the Alps keyboards.  There is a definite difference there, although happily the key travel was the same.  This difference between mine (FRU: 04W0978) and the other in the shop is huge.  The quality control really needs to be beefed up.  I called Lenovo Singapore and they referred me back to the store.  I'm not holding much hope on that front since it's not their fault that Lenovo can't figure out a way to only manufacture their computers with the same keyboard. 


It's baffling to me how a computer company whose big selling point is their keyboard doesn't care enough to produce computers with the same keyboard.  


I will report back after I make my visit to the shop tomorrow.



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