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Paper Tape
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Disk Read Error on Thinkpad Edge 14

I have and Edge 14 - 057865U. I bought it in April 2010 from

Today i encountered a problem...It is giving a message 'A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". When i press Ctrl+Alt+Del it is giving the same error again. I did a google search for this error and people were suggesting that this error means the hard disk has died. Can some knowledgeable person please let me know what is the problem and any fix for this.


If it is true that the hard disk has died....then what should i do? Is the hard disk replacement covered under warranty?



I am in total mess....dint even take a data backup nor do i have a recovery disk




Plzzzzzz someone help



Paper Tape
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎06-07-2010
Location: India
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Re: Disk Read Error on Thinkpad Edge 14

Forgot to ask another thing......If the hard disk can be replaced under warranty....can someone tell me if it can be done in India as I will be here in India the next 3 months
Retired SuperMod
Retired SuperMod
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Re: Disk Read Error on Thinkpad Edge 14

You should run a hard drive test software to check your drive, all the manufacturers have one. If you know the manufacturer of your drive it's best to use theirs.  If not, I always use the cd image of Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test, it will tell you if the drive is healthy or not.


Yes a hard drive is covered under the warranty. Did you create recovery discs? If not you should try to do so if you still can. If you can't, make sure you tell support you need them as well.


You can check whether or not your system is covered in India by entering the Model Type on this site.


Hope this helps



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Paper Tape
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Re: Disk Read Error on Thinkpad Edge 14

Thanks Andy for the prompt reply last time


I finally got my hard disk replaced here....for which they took more than 2 weeks.


Now I am experiencing random freezes after i have received my laptop from service centre.



Absolutely no pattern of freezing....It freezed while browsing, watching movie and also when just left alone....


I think it freezed 10 times atleast in a single day. I feel something is amiss


Can anyone advise me what to do....or do i have to goback to the service centre as all this is happening just after i got my hard disk replaced?



Thinkpad Edge 14 - 057865u - i3-330m, 320gb 7200 rpm, win 7 pro 64 bit

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