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Blue Screen Again
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Display Issue with my Thinkpad Edge 13 (I believe)

I recently started experiencing a severe graphical glitch on the left of the laptops screen. It looks like a Big white rectangle with red on the bottom edge and green lines on the left and right sides.

I believe it to be a screen hardware issues. Since when I tap on the back side lightly, it moves and causes the lines to flicker. My laptop I believe is still under warranty and I think Lenovo should fix it.

What do you guys think?


Also, my laptop also heats up really hot sometimes even under light to moderate use. Is that just part of a laptop growing old? Or might it just need to be opened up and dusted? Can you even do that with an Edge, and still put it back together?

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Re: Display Issue with my Thinkpad Edge 13 (I believe)



Welcome to the forum - sounds like you have a few issues here...


1) Running warmer... Check power manager to be sure latest version is installed - sometimes things get corrupted.  You can also blow out the fan with the system off.   Ideally, fan and heatsinks are cleaned with the system opened up, but as you are under warranty, let's hold off on that.


2) Video issues.   Tell us a bit more if you can...


If you move the lid back and forth, does this change?  If so, it is likely an issue with the display cable.  The cable could be damaged / pinched, or it might not be making a good connection.


If you hook up an external display, does the same image result on the external display?  If no, then back to the LCD internal cable, or less likely, an issue with the LCD itself.   If on the other hand, the image defects exist on the external display same as the internal, then likely it is:


a) Corrupt video drivers - uninstall / reinstall the newest ones from the support site

b) memory - power down the system and open the memory compartment - remove and reseat the memory module(s)

c) Run diagnostics (Thinkvantage Toolbox) and run the video tests.  If it fails, definitely call support.


If you have been through all of the above and are still stuck, give support a call since you are under warranty.


Best regards,



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