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E320 keyboard problems - beeping, keys not repeating

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I'm seeing these symptoms on my new Lenovo E320:


1. Sometimes when I hit Ctrl-W (to close a tab in Google Chrome), the command is triggered multiple times (so 2 or more tabs are closed).


2. Sometimes when I have a text field selected and I hold down W (or some other keys), the letter only appears once, instead of appearing over and over again. This problem is intermittant, the problem went away after a few seconds without me changing any settings or doing anything except pressing letter keys on the keyboard.


3. Once, when I entered the BIOS setting by holding down F1 as the computer started up, the computer beeped constantly while I was in the BIOS screens. Next time I went to the BIOS settings, this problem did not occur. This makes me suspect that I have a hardware problem (because Windows was not running, the problem cannot be a Windows driver problem)


4. If I type too quickly, they keyboard sometimes beeps as if I was holding down several keys at the same time. (For example, holding down D,F,G causes a beep. This is normal. But typing D, then F, then G rapidly also causes a beep.)


5. I had problems with the touchpad sometimes not responding to touches. However after setting PalmCheck to minimum in Mouse -> UltraNav -> Touchpad Settings... -> Smartcheck -> PalmCheck, I have not come across this problem again. I also changed some other settings so I'm not 100% what fixed this, or if it is permanently fixed.


The laptop is new but I have changed some settings and have uninstalled some of the applications that came pre-installed.


Are there any known solutions or workarounds for these issues? The first issue is the most important one; I only included the others in case they are related.

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Re: E320 keyboard problems - beeping, keys not repeating

I just got an E320, i think the problem you are experiencing is to do with a faulty keyboard or keyboard control mechanism on the motherboard.

It is best that you call up warranty service department, and let them send out a new keyboard for you to replace, to see whether the problem repeats itself.


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