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E320 not turning on

Hello All,


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E320, bought second hand, never managed to turned it on Smiley Sad I tested some scenarios:

1. When its unplugged and I press the power button nothing happens.

2. When its unplugged and I press the power button for 10 seconds, nothing happens.

3. When I plug in the charger, the little red led in the thinkpad logo blinks for 1 millisecond and I can hear either a fan starting or a HDD switching on. I think it's the HDD, because first there is a click sound and then sounds like something is spinning and it's coming not from the fan next to the AC plug but from the other side of the laptop.


I tried with and without battery. I tried plugging in an external screen. I tried with another AC adapter (adapter has same spec as the original).


What else can I try? I called Lenovo support as well, they told me to pay $400 for a new motherboard, because probably it is a motherboard failure...

Is there any way that I can test this? It is so weird, that the HDD starts, but nothing else works.




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