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Fanfold Paper
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E420 Battery Issue - Pathetic Customer Service

Is there something wrong with Lenovo? My battery status says "Fair" "Consider Replacing the battery"...hence raised a warranty case and below is the response !!


Hi Karthick,

As discussed I got a call from the cutomer and I have explained him that battery is treated as a consumable similar to a Printer Cartridge.

The one year battery warranty is for covering any functional failure only, but if the battery life cycle is used up because of usage pattern it cannot be replaced in warranty. ( Similar to the way how Printer cartridge is not replaced in warranty if ink is used up because of extensive usage )

Since I do not have the mail id of the customer, I request you to forward this mail to customer. He requested me for putting this across in a mail.




Paramita /LENOVO

01/31/2012 06:47 PM





Anandhi , Karthick


Re: Fw: Lenovo Edge 14 /0578BRQ Battery Issue



Hi Murugan,

The belowissue is going on for almost a month now, I understand that the battery warranty got over today . Customer is not agreeing to our rejection .

Even though the battery shows in fair condition , Karthick has visited teh customer site himself and confirms that the backup is only 5- 10  mins.





Battery is like a printer cartridge !!! Depends on usage !! its such a b********t !!!

Just dump the laptop on to the bin

another frustrating customer for Lenovo and I am sure to spread the good word about them

6 out the 9 laptops i bought for my company failed due to one issue or the other !!! 


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Re: E420 Battery Issue - Pathetic Customer Service

Hello Srajesh,


I can understand your concern as you faced the issue with the battery at the time when it was covered under warranty.


I sent you Private Message. Kindly share the required details in Private Message so I can check with the concern department if something can be done.


Best Regards,


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Poor SUPPORT response in Lenovo INDIA

I guess I have to join the long queue with similar experience.


Wrote an officeial letter to India country Manager Sales and Regional Manager sales, no response so far.


I guess iam left with no choice but to go the legal route !!!


Mr Nitin

Country Manager

Lenovo India Pvt.Ltd
Vatlka Business Park 1st floor,Badshah Pur Road,
Sohna Road,



CC: Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Anjan


Dear Sir,


            Sub: Sub-standard Product quality and unfair trade practices


First and foremost, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that after reviewing many International brands, we had chosen Lenovo as our corporate preferred and chosen brand and with the management decision that Vaata Group will source all our product requirements from Lenovo.


Accordingly, we had placed orders and purchased laptops from you over the past one year. It was also clearly communicated to your office that Vaata being a multi-faceted Group with diversified activities, there are many business divisions which have critical functions in the course of their product development.


Suitably, seamless and constant performance of the Laptops which are used extensively in the day to day functioning of the business divisions is most important and also essential for efficient and failsafe operations.


But unfortunately, the quality of the laptops leaves much to be desired resulting in major problems being faced by our departmental users.


To highlight the problems being faced by us, the following statistics would speak for itself

Needless to mention, all these are resulting in lots of problems for us and we are practically surprised that an international brand like Lenovo could be selling such deficient products with frequent breakdowns

To substantiate our averments, we hereby highlight the statistical details of the breakdowns and the nature of each breakdown.

Out of 9 of your laptops, we have faced issues with 5 laptops within 4 months of purchase



Date of Purchase

Service Request Raised no

Date Service request raised


Expiration date


Battery no longer holds power

Resolved as: Battery replaced by Lenovo






Mother Board & Keyboard Issue

Resolved as: Motherboard replaced by Lenovo






USB and Key Issue

Resolved as:  Keyboard issue repaird by Lenovo

USB Issue still persists.






Mother Board & Key Issue

Resolved as: Motherboard replaced by Lenovo






Battery no longer holds power






Function key off


To be raised




 It is just not acceptable that as much as 2/3rd of our purchases are resulting in breakdowns, some of which are major and also very soon after purchase. A marginal 5 to 10% is understandable but a scenario of 75% breakdown is ridiculous.


We strongly wish to state that our departmental users have been and continue to be subjected to mental agony and physical suffering due to the defective service.  We have ample evidence to prove the defective nature of your products and these are clearly unfair trade practices which is not acceptable.


We call upon you to immediately explain the reasons for the deficiencies as elucidated in the above table of contents. This would however not help solve the problems faced by us. It is also alarming to note that if the product and its performance are substandard with frequent breakdowns during the warranty period itself, then it is a serious cause of concern as to what will be our plight after the expiry of the warranty period. 


Sadly, having purchased your laptops, we now have no option except to place upon you to replace all the laptops at the earliest and also increase the warranty period to two years on the replacements, but at the same time, it is also to be ensured that the breakdowns do not occur in the future.


We also wish to convey that we reserve our rights to take suitable remedy under the Consumer Protection Act upon damages and compensation in the event of any further continued failure to act upon our letter will necessitate suitable legal action


Yours Truly



Sridevi Rajesh

Vice President- Finance & Systems

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Retired SuperMod
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Re: Poor SUPPORT response in Lenovo INDIA



did you send tanujhanda the information they requested from you by PM?  How to send a private message is explained in this knowledgebase article.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Poor SUPPORT response in Lenovo INDIA



Yes and again the response was the same from Lenovo support !!


Do you  have a buy back option !!





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