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What's DOS?
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Re: E420 motherboard problems

we had around 10 laptops and out of that 4  have failed . it was figured out to motherboard and dc in board

so there appears to be some problem else so many will not fail




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Re: E420 motherboard problems

Had around 5-6 laptops with a replaced systemboard now, all up and running.

Some shows a DC light when plugged in but would not power on.

Majority we've seen have no DC light and is it plain dead.

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Re: E420 Won't Power on; recurring issue?

I have 115 of these laptops and 2 so far will not turn on and 4 have needed new hard drives. Something is obviously wrong with these machines.
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Re: E420 motherboard problems

I have 115 of these and have had 2 with motherboard failure and 4 with hard drive failures.
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Re: E420 Won't Power on; recurring issue?

Kindly get the service case log for your laptop so it can be use again.


Best Regards,


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Re: E420 motherboard problems

From a Thinkpad FAN who still LOVES my T61 that is running strong and is abused daily by kids:


The EDGE is a pile of crap.  The system shames the Thinkpad name, and resembles an Ideapad in quality.


My motherboard just failed, two weeks over a year old.


Other things I hate about it:


Feels Cheap

Keyboard is total crap

Build quality so poor that the keybaord has actually left imprints on the screen!!!

Motherboard failure


Wake up, get rid of this Edge pile of crap line, seriously... I'm embarased to call this a ThinkPad.


Back to the T series, little extra money for a system that just keeps going, won't miss this Edge one bit, but still upset.

--- ThinkPad T61 / Win 7 / Core 2 / 4gb RAM / Nvidia / Still used daily --- ThinkPad Edge 15/ i5 / Win 7 / TrueCrypt / 8gb RAM / Hated it, died at 1 yr 1 mo old --- ThinkPad T510 / Win 7 / TrueCrypt / i5 / 8gb RAM / Nvidia / Current primary machine --- ThinkPad X220 / i7 / IPS / 4gb / TrueCrypt / My Road Machine
What's DOS?
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Re: E420 motherboard problems

While I am happy with the design and capabilities of my E420, I am having the same motherboard issue very early on in the laptop's life and want to add to the discussion for evidence and in the hope that Lenovo takes action.  I purchased the laptop new four months ago.  After about two hours total run time, I went to boot one day and got no power, even after a static discharge.  No charging LED when plugged in.  I sent it in under warranty and within two days had it back.  The paperwork claims they replaced the motherboard.  Last week after approx. 12 hours total run time on the laptop the same thing happened.  I just got the laptop back from Lenovo, and the paperwork claims they replaced the motherboard again.  As you can tell, I rarely use the laptop, and I only use it for word processing and internet research, so I'm in no way putting the components under heavy load.


Judging by the above cases where the motherboard fails, and judging by my experience of having two fail within the first 12 hours of use, I think there is a common problem here that I hope Lenovo is working on to correct.  My electrical outlet is not the issue, and Lenovo verified that my power cord and battery are fine.

Punch Card
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Re: E420 motherboard problems

Thought I'd add my experience here as well.  My E420 with Intel i5 is headed back today for the 2nd time to replace the motherboard.  In both instances it has completely died, to the extent that plugging in the power adapter does not light the green power light. 


The system lasted about 3 months, then died, then was repaired.  This repair has lasted about 1 month.  Was editing a chart yesterday morning (which was quite time critical) and the machine powered off while I was typing.


Based on my experience, and reading other comments here, I think there's a design issue with these machines.  I doubt Lenovo will do anything but wait out the warranty, but I plan to use mine a lot for the next 8 months and force Lenovo to pay to fix it every time it fails.  I figure 2 repairs is costing them as much as what I paid for the machine.


This experience is enough to send me to Apple....

Paper Tape
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Re: E420 motherboard problems

I also want to add my experience and note that I am very upset about this whole situation.


The IT department purchased an Edge 520 for my use after many months of persuation from my part. I was a huge Lenovo advocate. The company is married to Dell, basically so, it was very hard to get them to terms.


I wanted Lenovo because of the apparent quality of their products - apparent because they do resemble what the previous ThinkPad line from IBM was. Like nkull, I have a T61 that has been running straigh for over 4 years. I wanted that ThinkPad quality experience on my job. I trusted the wrong partner,  however, as all Lenovo gave me was a huge dissapointment and a "better luck, next time note".


So I have a lemon Edge 520. After a week sitting on a desk, with a closed lid and unplugged, it stopped working, just like mrmmd said. Being this my main working machine (the one I use to gain money and make the world around me go around) just imagine what it was like to know that I would be without my main tool for potentially 6 business days. 17 business days later and many complaints in Tweeter, the computer came back with a nice gift: Neither the touchpad, glide point or wifi work! They've now opened a new ticket and want me to send it back, less than 24hrs after it arrived from the depot.


My huge dissapointed comes from me having so much trust in Lenovo. - I was an advocate, telling people it was the best of the crop and buying many machines for many different businesses.. - and then their support is this bad. I can understand that electronics fail. I just don't understand how a huge company like this do not have parts for their systems, take so long in repairing them and don't even make it right.... all while myself, who (wrongly) chose them out of the many other manufacturers, loose money on their behalf. Isn't it the whole point of their a dvertisements? I mean, we're not buying Thinkpads to chat on Facebook, or at least not me. I guess Lenovo cares for his customers as much as they care for their toilets.


I know it's long but I am on fire.

Have all a wonderful weekend!



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Re: E420 motherboard problems



I appreciate your advocacy and saw your tweets - perhaps you are working with Gavin and Ty?


Can you send me your contact info and the MT / Serial of the unit via PM?  Let's see if there is something else we can do.

I hate to see you soured on the Edge.




Looking into these failure reports.  Thanks




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