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E420S mSATA support



I'm about ready to push the button on an e420s, specifically the "web only" deal with the i5 processor and 6 gb RAM.  I'm really excited!  My plan was to install an mSATA SSD for windows installation and office, and use the hdd for data.  However, I'm concerned because the e420s order configuration page says that WWAN is not supported (and WWAN and mSATA share connectivity/bays).  When I download the user hardware manual, it seems like mSATA *is* supported (page 74 of the hardware maintenance manual).


I'd really appreciate it if someone could clear this up for me - I have no interest in an actual WWAN system, but having the two hard drives is really important to me.  Thanks!



Punch Card
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Re: E420S mSATA support

My e420s has a eSATA port on the back.  And it does double duty as a USB port.  I have not tried to attach an esata device to it to test is but I assume it will work.


I think you have it backwards though.  As I read your post, you're going to add the SSD externally using the eSATA port., erase the windows that comes with the system, buy a new windows and install it on the attached SSD.  And use the internal disk for data. 


Are you aware that that the e420s you are looking at has an internal SSD option (220 $ ).  That makes more sense to me.  Then buy an eSATA disk of the normal sort and attach it to the eSATA port.



Paper Tape
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Re: E420S mSATA support

No worries. I have an e420s, got it last week, and installed an m-SATA drive in the mini pci slot. Works great; boot time is 13 seconds. I use the HHD as a data drive and move the user profiles to it. I love the machine. I would not get the 6 gig option but rather the 4 gig and then update to an additional 4 as there is only one user installable slot for memory.


Good luck

e420s with 8 GB memory, 128g m-SATA, 320M HHD Intel advanced wireless.
Paper Tape
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Re: E420S mSATA support

Hi everybody,

what kind of m-SATA SSD did you choose? I will be glad if you could tell which manufacture and type your SSD is.

I want to upgrade my E420S too, but wont buy something that i cant use :-/


Paper Tape
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Re: E420S mSATA support

floridawriter, what brand of mSATA drive did you get and what version of BIOS are you running?  I picked up a Samsung drive and I have detection errors with it Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: E420S mSATA support

got an OCZ Nocti msata - works fine



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