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Fanfold Paper
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E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Hi all,


I just received a brand-new ThinkPad E485 yesterday, and have been going through the motions; getting wifi set up, installing Windows updates, etc. However I've noticed something strange about the keyboard, which is really bothering me, and I don't want to just ignore it or learn to work around it, especially not on a brand-new machine.


All the keys work, but it seems like occasionally, response to a keypress will be delayed, leading to letters showing up on screen in the opposite order to what I typed. Certain combinations seem to be affected worse than others, though this may be psychological, and it doesn't seem like the space bar is affected - 'e' seems particularly bad, so I'll often go to type 'really' and come out with 'raelly', or "some words" and get "som ewords". I'm a computer programmer by profession, so I touch type, and spend a *lot* of time typing doing it. This has never been a problem for me with any other keyboard, laptop or otherwise, so I'm pretty certain the problem is not just me.


I've tried changing various Windows & BIOS settings, including turning off the trackpoint & trackpad, turning off UEFI USB support, changing the PS/2 polling rate in the registry, and nothing has helped. I also booted into a Fedora 27 live image and saw the same problem there, so I think I can rule out any sort of Windows 10 specific issues.


All the keys *work*, it just seems strangely slow to respond to anything other than pressing the space bar. Is this the kind of thing that might get fixed in a BIOS update? Do I really need to send my brand-new machine in for repair, or (horror!) consider just refunding it and moving on!?




Punch Card
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

I have this problem as well. I recently purchased an E485, and it transposes keys that are hit in quick succession. In fact, while typing this, I wound up with "hvae" ,"successino", and "typnig", as well as several transpositions of the spacebar and a letter from an adjoining word. I am sure I pressed the keys in the correct order, and I can type the same things without errors on another Lenovo keyboard.


I tried most of the fixes the original poster tried, to no avail. While looking for a solution, I see that this problem occurred before with at least one Lenovo system, and was fixed with a BIOS update. I posted the thread below. Could such an update be provided for the E485?

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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Hello to you both,


I'd like to see if we can reproduce what you are experiencing and would ask that you send me your serial numbers by private message; this ensures we will be able to select the same / correct components to test with.


 Thanks in advance,





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Punch Card
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

I have sent a PM. Thanks for your response!

Paper Tape
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

I think I have the same problem. The problem mainly occurs when two keystrokes are less than 50 ms apart. Being under 50 ms triggers it a sizeable amount of times but not always. Above 50 ms I could not detect it. At least that is what my measurements resulted in (sample size: 113 pairs of keystrokes, delay as random as humanly possible, measured with javascript so there might be several ms of error involved). The problem occurs with Windows10, Arch-Linux and in Grub2 when editing kernel parameters, so I would agree that it is not an OS-specific problem.


Also the changed order seems to be a consequence when two keystrokes can not be resolved temporally as a "default order" seems to be applied to events perceived as simultaneous. "er" will sometimes be changed to "re" but "re" will never be changed to "er" when typing with less than 50ms delay.


I hope this is somehow helpful. It is very annoying when typing fast, blindly or both.


Looking forward to hearing from this thread again.




Blue Screen Again
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

I am currently having the same issue with my E585 as well. I've tried reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows 10 as well as running Arch linux and Mint. All of them had the same issue where some keys would lag behind one another and create typos. My 'o' key is easily the worst out of all of them doing this.

Punch Card
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

The same issue with my E485 Smiley Sad Sent you a PM, Andy. thanks for help.

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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Same issue here. Also get problems with my ultranav not installing the correct driver provided by the manufacturer site (E485 support download page form lenovo). I raelly raelly hate having ot deal with all this crap from a laptop that should be good enough to not be complete trash. 


Why do my trackpoint buttons not work if pressed on the top, and only work 95% of the time when pressed normally? 

Why dose the trackpad go all the way up to the bottom of the trackpad buttons so I move the mosue accidentally when I click?

Why dose my Vega 8 card downclock to unusable levels when i resume from sleep/hibernate sometimes?

Why does using the keyboard sometimes tab me out in the middle of a full screened game?

Why does my video card and CPU throttle when it hits a measly 60 degrees? It's impossible to play games. Even csgo struggles to keep 60 fps. I'm bottoming out at 400mhz constantly. 

Why does installing any custom or otherwise installable vega 8 driver fail due to "driver does not support this versoin fo windows?"

Why does my battery only last 4 hours when its advertised as 9, even when I downclock to 15% CPU and use the low power setting for everything including the GPU, with screen on 40% brightness?


Extremely disappointed in what should have been the highest quality laptop brand. 

Those reversed letters are as they are when I typed them correctly. 

This is completely unacceptable for a laptop I paid $1000 AUD for. 

Not applicable
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Having the same issue with the German keyboard. I thought i was too stupid to type on this keyboard. "er" is the easiest to reproduce. some combinations with space and backspace seem also to be affected. Interested in my serial number? 


Will contact support tomorrow. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: E485 strangely unresponsive keyboard

Same issue here. Lenovo sent out a replacement keyboard as they thought it might have been a hardware issue but after installing the new keyboard it is still jumbling letters. Tried with Windows and Ubuntu. Very frustrating.

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