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E520 CPU Whine

Hi all,


So on my newly purchased Thinkpad Edge E520 I have two major issues. 


1: The webcam driver causes Windows to boot slowly. This is a pretty annoying issue but since disabling the webcam solves it I can overlook it asuming a driver update will fix it later. 


2: The dreaded CPU whine which others have experienced on other thinkpads. It is surely not my fan or HDD and disabling CPU Power Management in BIOS as outlined in this KB entry solves it. The whine is louder when running on battery but is noticable even on AC power. The KB entry says to call Lenovo support but I'd like to put off that torture for as long as possible. 


Since obviously there is no software fix possible for the whine issue, what are the odds that a replacement unit will be free of this whine? I'd hate to spend all the time and energy sending this back only to have the same problem on a new unit...

I like the E520 build quality wise. It is a handsome machine that would be near flawless to me if not for these two glaring imperfections. 


The machine in questions is this one:



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