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What's DOS?
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E530 battery check


I bought in January 2013 online from the Lenovo Hompage an E530 and decided to buy it with an 62Wh battery. Now, I'm wondering if I got the wrong battery. According to the label on the battery, it should have 62Wh, but the Lenovo App "Lenovo Support" is telling me, the battery only got 48 Wh. First I thought it's the normal getting older of an battery, but know I controlled the values and in the last 20 days it just decreased something about 0.2Wh, which means 0.01 Wh a day. My notebook is bought in January 2013, so I wonder if I really lost so much capacity, or if it is the smaller battery, which should have exactly 48 Wh. I didn't checkt the value when I bought the notebook.
I always charge the battery only if it has less than 10% (except pehaps 3 to 4 times).
I'm using Windows 8, so I think I can't install the "Power Manger".

Perhaps it is really the aging, but is there another method (not the label) to check, which battery is installed?

Thanks for help!

BIOS Version: 2.52
Power Management Driver:
Manufactured (Notebook) or at least bought online from Lenovo: January 2013
Charge Cycles: 120

Blue Screen Again
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Re: E530 battery check

48wh, 54wh after a gauge reset, falling back to 53wh and back up again. I've seen it all. Isolating to problem to solely the battery isn't the issue here, i bought a second battery and the same problem occured. Must be a soft issue but i'm getting quite sick of it. I want my full capacity or what's left of it after x-many cycles.




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