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Paper Tape
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E530 will not boot

My E530 suddenly will not boot. After putting it in sleep mode and leaving it for 10 minutes, I came back to find that my computer would not come out of sleep mode. I tried holding the power button, but the computer would not turn off. I pulled out the battery but when I put it back in, I found that the computer would no longer turn on. When I press the power button now, all that happens is that the red light comes on for a few seconds and then goes out, there is no other sign of activity as the hard drive and fans do not come on either. I have tried hard resetting it multiple times but still nothing. I have no other computer and have work that I need to do. I would really appreciate some help
Paper Tape
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Re: E530 will not boot

My son's E530 is having a similar problem, did you find a solution? Elsewhere in German they talk about it being the Motherboard, but I can buy a new laptop for the price they are quoting for replacement MBs. in my case the red led comes on, as does the power led if using the external power, the CPU fan spins for a short time and you can hear the hard drive spinning. But nothing else, no Bios tones or boot screens.

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