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E531 BIOS Problem - boot priority options gone - can not install win10 by USB or DVD

 Hello everyone!

A week ago I installed WIN10 on my Thinkpad E531, I7 Quad 3rd gen, 16gig ram. I stored a win7 style Image file and this evening I wanted to restore this image in order to cancel some changes I made. After the process finished WIN10 didn't boot anymore - just the Thinkpad logo is visible with the info "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter".

Then I decided to use the recovery USB-Stick which I've created with win10. I noticed that ..
1 - the BIOS the whole boot-menu has disappeared from the top navigation.. just gone! (see attached pic)
2- ..under F12 (choose temprary startup device) just a black screen is shown with a blue underscore upper left on the screen and nothing happens - just pushing the power button helps to get back to the beginning

3- ..the F10-check-hardware option yields nothing but a black screen 


When I just insert the USB recovery stick and turn on nothing happens and the Thinkpad-logo with the "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter"-text stays forever 

My BIOS version is HEET42WW
I attached a screenshot with this post of the summary page of the BIOS.

I tried already all secure boot options back and forth without exactly knowing what I'm doing but it didn't help.
I read something about that WIN10 can change the UEFI-BIOS out of the OS-Layer? Is that true? Recently I had a lot trouble with win10..
I'm really stuck now and I have no clue how to boot in order to get back to my OS.
Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated
Thank you 


Moderator note: image containing serial number removed to prevent abuse.
EDIT: @Moderator Thank you! I attached another pic with all all S/N cut out 


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