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Paper Tape
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E531 not charging.

Hello, I just received a brand new E531 6885 27G and was happy to see that it worked flawlessly, except


It will not charge.


The battery seems perfectly fine, the system diagnose also said it was in good condition.

So it must be something with the charger. I've tried three power outlets, but none have worked.

I've removed and reinserted the battery, but no progress. Please help, I cannot use my laptop since it's
 at 35%~ battery now.


Some more info: I'm from Sweden, and I'm using an AC adapter, and the connector to the laptop looks like an usb connector. I don't think I've got grounded power outlets.

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎11-04-2013
Location: Sweden
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Re: E531 not charging.

It doesn't seem to be any software malfunction, albeit I cannot be certain.


The AC adapter do not get hot whatsoever when connected. The battery icon on windows do not register any "connection" of a charger, it only says "18% battery left" when plugged in.


as far as I can tell it must be the charger's malfunction or some system within the laptop that recieves the charger?


Thanks for the help, /confused customer.


edit: I've got windows 8, so I do not have access to the Power Management software


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