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E560 Increased fan noise after BIOS update?

The laptop in question on this post is a ThinkPad E560 with i5-6500U and R7 M370.


Recently I updated my E560 BIOS to the latest version (1.19) from 1.12. Am I just imagining, or has someone else also noticed, that the fan would have got significantly noisier on newer BIOS versions? Version 1.17 states as one of the changes: - (New) Improved smart fan function.


Especially when plugged in, simply scrolling web pages on Firefox often seems to cause the fan to ramp very quickly close to max speed and then quickly back down to low speed/off. When this happens CPU usage is at max approx 45% and CPU temperature reaches maximum of ~60C according to Core Temp.


Personally I find this kind of rapid fan ramping up/down the most annoying kind there is. The gradual slow change up/down on my previous T60 was much more pleasant. I find it odd that a modern ULV CPU would need this kind of quick fan ramping, when an old T7200 with the hot X1300 GPU would manage to stay just fine and stable without constantly spinning the fan to max speed. To be honest I am not entirely pleased with the E560 to begin with as I'm coming from T-series laptop and this fan issue is making me even more displeased. 


Anything that can be done to the fan behaviour? TPFanControl has long since been discontinued and unfortunately doesn't work for the E560. CPU cooling police is set to passive on power options, but that has never seemed to do anything on any computer that I've tried.

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