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What's DOS?
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E560: Installed Linux on Partition for dual boot, now stuck in a endless boot loop - Help please!

Hello guys,


I did something stupid today and I'm unable to fix it myself.


I wanted to create a Windows 10 and Fedora dual-boot for my Thinkpad E560. I freed up some space on the 1TB HDD that comes with the Notebook and then I installed Fedora via live-usb on this free partition. Everything went fine, then I restarted and the system automatically loaded the usb-stick again. Weird, so I looked into boot menu.


The Windows Boot Manager was still there, so I started it, but all it did was bringing me back to the Boot Menu. Unable to start Linux or Windows I'm in some boot loop hell now.


To make things worse, I tried to reset my settings in the BIOS (I changed some things with the UEFI to get VMs to work, and I thought that this was the problem). But after the settings were reset I now can't even see the Windows Boot Manager in the Boot Menu! All I can boot now is ATAPI CD0, ATA HDD0 and PCI LAN which all bring me back to the boot menu.


I would be eternal grateful if you could help me out - Is there any help left for my existing windows or will I have to completely wipe everything? Smiley Sad

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