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E570/20H5 - Will not work on "Good" Condition battery

Hi - I'm a newbie !!

I have a 13 month old E570 (bought March 2017), so out of warranty. I have only used it since October 2017, so to me its only 6 months old.

The recent problem is that when I pull out the AC lead to use on battery, the laptop dies within 6 seconds, and will not boot up on battery.

The following points may help somebody to help me :-

1/ I have done a reset by holding down the power button for 30 seconds ( no battery or AC lead fitted ) - makes no difference

2/ I have done all the diagnostic checks on software and hardware using the installed programs - nothing shows up.

3/ I have used the software that only partially charges the battery to about 80% - supposedly meant to extend the battery life, and also turned it off to see if that made a difference. No change.

4/ All the indicators show the battery is in a good condition.

5/ I have used it 99% of the time on AC, but still need the ability to use on battery.

I called my local repairer, who suggested I try another battery, so I have bought another one (Type 83) - still the same thing happens.

I have now taken it to the repairers, and after doing all their checks, (which don't show up any nasties), they think its the motherboard, and it will cost £xxxx !!! to repair.

This afternoon I called Lenovo, but as the laptop is out of warranty, they would charge to repair with no hint of any help towards costs at all, they also thought it might be a hardware problem.

The repairers still have the laptop, and have suggested I go on this forum for any ideas.

I'm now back to using my old trusty Fujitsu !!

Has anybody come across this before ??


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