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Re: E580 Boot Sequence

Thanks - yes should not have failed but it did - the download was still contained on my hard drive so i fugured I could just redo the process of copying the recovery information to the USB drive but something had happened to a file on the laptop and a message came back that it was missing.


That was when I tried to do a new download which is not permitted - Australian Consumer Affairs would have a view on whether preventing a new download was legal on the basis of the product not being fit for purpose but I will leave that to others to initiate if they felt inclined.


However - to discuss this issue I rang the technical section of Lenovo Australia and was put through to a very knowledgeable person who was prepared to give me the time over the phone to work things through.  He confirmed that there was a once only recovery  download. However he said that by applying direct to Lenovo they could authorise another download but is not really needed and the Windows sytem with deliver the same process and recovery USB.


He ran me through the process - In the Windows search function- the magnifying glass just to the right of the Windows simple on the task bar - you type Recovery Drive and then just follow the prompts - makes the same recovery USB as the Lenovo system does.


Tested and works fine - not sure why it says it needs a 32gb USB as mine was only 9gb.


Thanks for every ones help.


This does highlight that speaking to a consultant is better than online help - I was in the system and the consultant knew who I was from my sales information - problem resolved in 5 minutes.  Its called customer service, something that is valued in Australia and does help the bottom line for companies - well worth the cost of providing this personal service.

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