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Blue Screen Again
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E580 Disable AMD GPU in BIOS

I would like to completely disable AMD GPU on my ThinkPad E580 (20KS005ART, BIOS R0PET47W (1.24 )) but there is no such option in the BIOS setup utility. Unfortunately it is not enough for me to turn it off from the OS.

I am using Linux and experiencing problems with amdgpu driver: it randomly crashes when switching GPU to idle. This is not good for me because it looks like amdgpu driver turns it on and off even when I am plugging or unplugging HDMI monitor.

When I try to blacklist amdgpu module, fan start spinning fast and laptop becomes hot which indicates that GPU stays turned on. I can see the similar behaviour when I disable runtime power management and turn GPU off with vgaswitcheroo, but this time fan kicking on loudly for a short periods of time and my CPU is idling hotter than usual, which indicates that GPU is still not completely turned off.

I would like to have stable and not too hot/loud machine until amdgpu driver will be fixed and I see no other options than completely turning AMD graphics off.

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