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E580 Fingerprint Scanner Problem


My first post on the community...hi to all.


Hoping to get some help with my very new E580. This started pretty much from the first use. I set up and registered everyhting on the machine, and Windows 10. I set up my fingerprint scanner. The very first time it went to "self-sleep", it would not recognize my fingerprint scan back in. I had to use my pin/password to get back in. This went on a couple more times....I searched the Lenovo site, and found an updated driver that I applied (r04fp04w)

It seemed to help...but then the issue returned. It was working Ok for about a few days , then it seems Windows did an update last night, and today, no recognizing again. Ive tried other stuff, like running "sfc", etc....nothing is getting this scanner to hold the print. Yes, it has been cleaned (and I have not seared my finger!)

I bought an Asus B53 in 2012, set the bio scanner up, and never had to re-enter it after that, even after dozens of updates. That machine had Windows 7.

The short of it is....this machine is really at a disadvantage to me if I cannot scan in quickly as I use a "longer" password.


So....can anyone please help me out? 

Thanks, regards,



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Re: E580 Fingerprint Scanner Problem

Yeah the scanner in this machine is horrible

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