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Fanfold Paper
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E585 CPU frequency issue when stability testing

CPU_Clock - Temp.png


As the screenshot suggests, the CPU (Ryzen 2500U) dropped its frequency for no reason

after several minutes of stability testing.


This is probably a BIOS issue, and Lenovo technician should work on fixing this.


Here is a temp - CPU Usage graph to show that the drop on CPU frequency is not due to thermal throttling.


And all those tests are done when plugged in and on Ultimate performance mode.


CPU Usage - Temp.png


And I still experiencing this issue


after the BIOS update 1.45 is done on this E585

that the CPU frequency is limited on the first two cores at 1.6 GHz. It was only solved when I reboot the system.

Punch Card
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Re: E585 CPU frequency issue when stability testing

Hi. I can understand the desire to have the CPU operate at its maximum possible frequency on all cores, so this is just my own opinion.


I think that the Ryzen 5 2500U is performaing quite admirably, especially during these stress-testing sessions. The CPU is rated at 2000MHz base clock with a maximum "boost clock" of 3600MHz. The CPU often reaches this boost clock on all cores when the temperature allows and even maintains 2700-2800 MHz at around 80 degrees C as shown in your screenshot. Max temp is specified to be 95 degrees C so 80 degrees is really pushing it for a laptop. I wouldn't even be comfortable letting my desktop CPU or GPU run higher than 75 degrees.


Reading a few reviews of other systems, this seems to be the norm where CPUS such as the Core i7 7700HQ which is rated from 2800MHz to 3800MHz will average around 3000-3100MHz when stressing all cores which is 700MHz lower than the maximum and just 300MHz above the base clock.


At 2800MHz, the Ryzen 2500U is running at 800MHz above base clock which, in my humble opinion is quite a lot for an 8-thread application.


I don't know about the wake up frequency issue so I hope you are able to resolve it somehow.


All the best.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: E585 CPU frequency issue when stability testing

It is indeed common that CPUs on laptops (U and H processors for Intel) do not run at the highest turbo frequency due to thermal(more common) or current or other limitations.

BUT what my issue is that  why does the 2500U drop its frequency to about 2800MHz when

it can run at 79°C 2900MHz stable?

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