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Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I recently bought an Edge 11 with the Core i3 CPU (German Version). All in all I am very happy with the device, but there are some issues/bugs that are bothering me:

- The TrackPad and the TrackPoint sometimes do not work after wakeup from sleep mode. The devices are disabled in System Setting/Mouse/Hardware Menu, and cannot be reactivated. An USB attached mouse does work. This bug occurs in Battery and AC-Mode.

- Sometimes the notebook goes into sleep mode when I am actually working with it and needs to be hard re-settet. Actually a very annoying bug. The CPU is not running hot. This bug happens only in Battery Mode.

- 1 out of 10 times the notebook does not go into sleep mode if I close the screen. (Both battery and AC-mode)

I am running the preinstalled Windows 7 64bit Premium Edition and all drivers/software/tools are updated with the integrated lenovo update tool. Even the newest Bios version (1.06?) is installed.

My Questions:

- Is Lenovo aware of these issues?
- Are the tool/sw related or bios related?
- Do other Core i3 Edge 11 owners have the same issues ?

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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I can't explain the problems you are having, though I did sometimes have the same issue of the laptop not entering sleep mode on my old X61.

But I have not experienced any of these problems on my Edge 11 core i3.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon i7-3667U / 8GB RAM / 180GB SSD / Windows 8.1 Pro
ThinkStation S20 Xeon W3550 / 12GB RAM / 2x 120GB SSD + 250GB HDD / NVIDIA Quadro / Windows 8.1 Pro / 2x Dell P2214H IPS Full HD monitors

Previous ThinkPads: R500, X61, Edge 13, Edge 11, X301, T420s, W520, X220, ThinkPad Tablet, ThinkPad Tablet 2, X230
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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

**bleep** i have the same issue!!

everytime when i start flash movie... it just happens **bleep**?

should i send my notebook back?

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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

What Proplem do you have exactly? The one with the shutdown in battery mode during work or the TrackPad/TrackPoint issues?



A Litte update from my side:


- I could fix my TrackPad/Trackpoint related issues by disabling (startup) the "SynTPEnh.exe" file via msconfig. I did not loose any mouse related functionality but the Notebook goes into sleep mode and wakes up without the problems I mentioned.


- The shutdown during work may be related to a Virtualbox Installation. But I am not sure at the moment.Please report any information that may help. THX

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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I had the problem with the frozen touchpad, but I haven't had it since I disabled the same feature as you're talking about. Mine hasn't had any problems with shutdowns or not being able to go into sleep mode.

Kind Regards

T61P and 2*T43P
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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I can confirm that the random shutdowns/hibernations are not related to VirtualBox.
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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

Having both symptoms on my Edge 11 (i3, Win 7 64bit):

laptop goes to hibernation when running on battery thinking that the battery is low;
touchpad stops working randomly untill restart the computer.
It happens only in Windows (I'm running Ubuntu on it besides Windows).


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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I also have both issues:


  • computer going to sleep randomly on high battery levels even though i turned off force sleep in the battery manager settings - has happened five times in the six days i've had the device
  • touchpad and red dot not working roughly one out of four times when waking from sleep, remedied by putting it back to sleep and re-waking it.


Although these problems are minor, they have been quite annoying because it happens so often


My Thinkpad Edge 11 is only six days old and it has done this so many times that i actually looked these problems up.  Can someone from Lenovo please elaborate on these problems, or should i return this clearly faulty device?




  • Thinkpad Edge 11 U5600 Win7 Home Premium 64bit


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Re: Edge 11 (NVY24GE) - BUGS

I have the same problem with my Edge11, in that when it comes out of sleep it doesn't always restore the touchpad. However, I use a Bluetooth mouse as well and that doesn't work either - I assume the same thing affecting the touchpad is affecting Bluetooth as well.



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