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Paper Tape
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Edge 11 random reboot and random screen freeze

I ve mentioned it in other post before, this is my 2nd Dead-On-Arrival replacement units (total 3 laptops). Though the PC-Doctor is showing there is no hardware problem with the current machine, its still NOT FUNCTIONAL!!


Two big issues:


1) Edge 11 randomly reboot by itself. This is crazy, there is absolutley no pattern whatsoever, just out of sudden the laptop shut down by itself and reboots..all the time!


2) random screen freeze. I dont know if i should laugh or cry about this, when the Edge 11 doesnt reboot by itself, it often ended up with a screen freeze. When i say screen freeze, I meant absolutley nothing is responding other than the power button. Cant see the mouse cursor on the screen, no keys respond..nothing.



Lenovo Egd 11,Intel i3 1.33GHz, Series xxxxxxx, BIOS: 86ET22WW(1.06)


Since I bought the laptop in Nov10, 90% of the time its either in the service centre or in the wait to get replace, and the rare few days I have the laptop with me, IT DOESNT WORK!


Three Edge 11, Three broken piece of junks, please dont tell me this is coincidence.


Don't meant to be rude, but your products quality sucks.



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Blue Screen Again
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Betreff: Edge 11 random reboot and random screen freeze



Same happened to me with Thinkpad Edge bought in October 2010.  2 weeks of use gave 3 times complete breakdown, computer would just freeze will working on it.  I got my HDD changed yesterday, I hope problem is solved now. But service in service center was a joke.  My data is on the broken HDD and they dont want to give it to me for my to try to recover my data.


I am wondering what steps we can take against Lenovo, because from the forum we can see that many users are facing the same problem. In any case, I am telling all my friends, family, colleagues not to buy Lenovo products ever.

Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 11 random reboot and random screen freeze

This is getting worse and worse day by day!!!!!

The laptop is virtually unusable and there is nothing I can do!

I would recommend all my friend to stay away from Lenovo, the quality is unbelievably bad!

Punch Card
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Re: Edge 11 random reboot and random screen freeze

I've experience the complete system freezes about 2 times- but I had attributed this to the SSD I put in the laptop, because it never happened with the original HDD.

It will simply freeze and the only thing you can do is switch it off from the power button. 

Anyone have any ideas what could cause it?

ThinkPad X1 Carbon i7-3667U / 8GB RAM / 180GB SSD / Windows 8.1 Pro
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