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Edge 13, suddenly hibernates when running on battery



I am experincing an annoying problem with my Edge 13. When running on battery it suddenly goes into hibernation while im working with the pc - not because it was left untouced for some time.


It does this "trick" at all battery levels, it has happened some times while battery level was between 80 and 90 %


It seems to bappen 2-4 times while using up a full charge.


I have tried changing the critical battery level action in windows power mgt from hibernate to sleep, so instead it goes into sleep. Seems like windows/power mgt. software receives a faulty critical battery level signal from the hardware.


(edited: changing the critcal battery level action makes it go into sleep instead of hibernation)


K625, bios 1.17, newest verision of power mgt. software.


Anyone else having experienced this kind of problem ?


I hate these non-dead/periodical problems; bringing the machine in for warranty will probably result in it being returned with the standard "no errors found, cleaned and adjusted" :-(


Best regards,



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