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What's DOS?
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Edge 14 powers off during startup



I've got a problem with my Thinkpad Edge 14, whereby it powers off during startup.

When i turn it on and launch Startup Repair (Windows 7) it powers off... sometimes it takes a few minutes before it happens, other times it turns off after just a few seconds.

It never stays on long enough to finish the startup repair though.

Loading windows normally i get a blue screen with white writing with a 'crash dump' counter going. Once complete it reboots and takes me back to startup repair.


This is the 3rd time its happened now. on the previous occasions i left it (on charge) for a few days and it eventually ran for long enough to complete the startup repair and system restore after which it worked faultlessly for a few months.

Any suggestions as to what my problem could be, or solutions would be much appreciated!



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Re: Edge 14 powers off during startup

I'd send it in for repair. It's not like you can use the laptop when it doesn't even want to boot. Could be the hard disc failing, mobo failing,...

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Re: Edge 14 powers off during startup

hi grego,


thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you're facing with your machine and after reading this thread what kevinj is most probabaly correct it would be wise to send it in for repair as there could some harware failure. 


But before contcating support you might want to go into the BIOS and load the optimal Defaults and try again. This is to ensure that BIOS settings are correct. Just in case some settings might haved changed and causing the conflict.


Do let me know of the changes.



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