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Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 15 - "stuck key" - disk drive wobbly -Problem

I've got the "stuck key" error too.

  • The first thing I did when I got the laptop was to install Linux (archlinux) over the entire hdd, I never used windows on this machine.
  • The laptop is a few months old. These things started to happen a few days ago.
  • The "stuck key" message (and the beeps) appear when the computer is turned on inside BIOS, before any operating system is loaded. The computer does not boot after this, you have to restart it and try to boot it again.
  • If the laptop manages to boot correctly, it can suddenly start to type (a huge lot of) things at random including weird, unusual chars. When this happens, you can no longer type yourself, you can only hope It'll go away (It sometimes does). Most of the time the touchpad is unaffected.
  • These strange happenings seem to happen more frequently if the laptop is tilted/moved. Tilting/Moving it seem to trigger this sometimes.

This seems like a hardware problem to me.

What do you suggest I do?

Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 15 - "stuck key" - disk drive wobbly -Problem



I'm getting the same problem too. Is the advice just to send the laptop back? I've had the laptop for less than half a year, purchased in February.


Also, if anyone has had this fixed, does anyone know what the problem actually was?



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Re: Edge 15 - "stuck key" - disk drive wobbly -Problem


Yes please send the laptop back to service for them to get the laptop keyboard checked. If you have problems contacting or dealing with the call center or service, do drop me a PM.

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