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Serial Port
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Edge 31 March promotion deadline - order date or invoice date?

It looks like the 31 March deadline for the latest Edge promotions is the date of invoice rather than the date of order. Given Lenovo's reported long build time and slow delivery (= late invoice), I suspect that ording now from the Lenovo web site will see an invoice date outside the qualifying period. Even a dealer who says he can 'get one in' may not deliver and invoice until April or beyond. I think the only option is to find a dealer who unequivocally has current stock.

Can anyone shed any light on the likely position. I do, though, wonder about trying to take advantage of Lenovo Cashback at all, given the horror stories reported here.

Paper Tape
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Re: Edge 31 March promotion deadline - order date or invoice date?

My experience with cashback is a deathly silence from Lenovo to emails asking for progress on the cash or even recognition that there has been a registration for cashback...Currently considering giving Lenovo some publicity on the matter.Unless you have a lot of time to possibly get no where I would steer clear of the alleged cashback scheme...

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