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Edge 525 graphics problem

I have just bought 2 E525's one with 4gb ram the other with 2. Sporadically while watching programs online (iplayer, itvplayer, youtube etc) the screen begins to get green squares. Sometime it flickers green, sometimes half the screengoes green. Usually escape and maximise again seems to fix it. Sometimes it only lasts for a second and goes back to normal by itself. Twice the computer has fully crashed. The whole screen switches off and the computer stops responding. Other times the whole computer crashes and the screen looks absolutely normal. The cursor/mouse is non-responsive at this stage. A forced shut-down, by holding down the power is the only way out. The last crash was while watching youtube, the sound crashed too, a constant loud sound coming from the speakers, everything froze. Again forces shutdown. I am experiencing this on both computers. The green thing hasn' happened on the 4gb Edge yet. but that's only becuase I have hardly used this laptop. I called Lenovo explaining that is obviously a hardware fault relating to the graphics card and playing flash. They simply said flash has nothing to do with them and they provide no support for it.


Also of note is. I ordered the laptops with the AMD A8-3500 with the 6480g, but the system info says I have 6620g. The website to buy a E525 still is listing it as 6480g. Is this a mistake?


Secondly the 2gb version is considerably slower. It seems to be randomly loading things, and takes a while before windows open or respond. I know they will simply blame this on the less RAM. But even before the the 4gb version arrived I though this computer had some issues. Most of the time it is working well, just randomly it realy bogs down and doesn't do anything. I know there is a fault. I have done a full diagnostics and everything passed.


Any ideas on any of this. They both are very new. One was bought around mid January, the other around the end of January.



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