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Paper Tape
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Edge E540 RAM Upgrade

Hey Guys,


i've tried to upgrade my 4GB RAM in the Thinkpad Edge E540 with another 4GB module.

System boots fine with both RAM's (old and new) separately (independent of which RAM-Slot is used). The trouble begins when I insert both 4GB RAM modules. Windows boot results in a blue screen and restart. Restarting the System in safe mode works though, BIOS and Task manager detect 8192MB of RAM and everything seems to work.


Here are some specs of the modules and the system (CPU-Z):

OS: Win7 professional

MOBO: lenovo, model 20C60041GE

BIOS: J9ET61WW (1.61), Date: 03/21/2014

RAM (old): Samsung, 4GB, PC3-12800(800MHz), part number M471B5173QH0-YK0, serial number 14E6F638, 01/14, DDR3, voltage 1.35V

RAM(new): Samsung, 4GB, PC3-12800(800MHz), part number M471B5173EB0-YK0, serial number 3257DCED, 19/16, DDR3, voltage 1.35V


Maybe the RAM modules are incompatible (even though they look the specs are similar)?

I have no clue how to progress, so if you have any idea what might cause this problem please let me know.

Every help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Edge E540 RAM Upgrade

Thanks for the excellent documentation.  Both memories from Samsung made it easier.

>selection tool>ddr3 sodimm>select your QH0 and your EB0, compare.

Your memory:


I have no idea about K0 vs H9, lol.

Your memory is fine.

BIOS looks fine. Safe mode looks fine.

Boot regular is BSOD.  State the stop code.

#1 suspect is your graphics driver.

I assume BSOD  occurred after your regular boot completed; based on your task manager note of 8K on system.

You might have a other crappy driver, AFTER you did a normal boot.


Paper Tape
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Re: Edge E540 RAM Upgrade

First of all thank you sclexman for your hints so far.


As you suggested i deinstalled the Intel graphics driver and the system booted with 8Gb. After installing the newest driver the system crashed after rebooting with BSOD once again. 

Afterwards I updated all drivers + BIOS which didn't help either. After reinstalling the graphics driver once more the system showed the same behaviour as mentioned earlier. Tough  this time the task manager showed 8GB but the newly installed 4GB seemed to be fully used which doesn't really make sense.


Stop code is PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and is appended to the post.


In the meantime I tried some 2GB modules.

specs: DDR3 2GB, PC3-10700(667 MHz), 1.5V

2gb + 2gb works

4gb + 2gb works

So maybe the system isn't able to use 8gb ?


Maybe someone can interpret the stop code to identify the problem with 2x 4GB.

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