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Failed BIOS-update on E430 - need wph for BIOS recovery

Hello All!


After a BIOS update (offerd by Lenovo Update) - and the automatic restart - the laptop doesn't boot. The led lights, the fan spins for a couple of seconds, but only black screen, no logo, no BIOS, no Windows. 


Removing the CMOS-battery (for longer time) or pressing fn/win+B/R with the power button doesn't help.


I'm trying to make a flash drive to flash the BIOS following these instructions. However I'm unable to retrieve the BIOS.wph or other proper file to use for the flash drive. I was using these originalfiles (both 2.08 and 2.5x), but neither with 7zip nor by installing the .exe (without installing the update itself) did produce the file I need.


Could somene please help, where I could find the proper file (.wph or other) to make a BIOS flash with Phoenix recovery tools for a Thinkpad Edge 430, or whether you have an idea what other soultion (different software instead of Wincrisis for ex.) could I use to get my BIOS back into life again?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Failed BIOS-update on E430 - need wph for BIOS recovery

Unfortunately Lenovo laptops do not provide BIOS recovery functionality, either get the laptop in for warranty, or find a local computer repair shop that will reprogram your SOIC8 BIOS chip, they usually charge $40

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Re: Failed BIOS-update on E430 - need wph for BIOS recovery

Try these instructions to get a WPH file?

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