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What's DOS?
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Good laptop ....But really poor HDD quality and/or speed in ThinkPad Edge E545 series


I've been selling and preparing more then 10 identicals laptops in the past months for my customers. Each one of them shows slow and poor performance with their HDDs. After doing all updates and disableing all sofwares from Windows boot allows the laptop to ''breathe'' a little more. But as soon as a software uses the HDD a bit...laptop is giving poor performances. An Acer with a 5400rpm drive and a Pentium B950 still boots 2 times faster.


I think the problem comes from HGST HDD drive brand.


I've ghosted the original Hard Drive on seagate and western digital 5400rpm Drives and already is behaving much more better. Even better on 7200rpm drives.

I'm suggesting all users to invest 90$ into a 120GB SSD drive to unleash this laptop series performances. Even an AMD A6 series can give very good performances.


Its just , in my opinion Lenovo's bad choice of part that slow's down a well built and reliable laptop. THey should have invested more into one of the most important part in a computer instead of offering tons of useless Lenovo softwares that most users don't even know what to do with it.

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