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Paper Tape
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Help: Thinkpad Edge 14 - Ridiculously long wait !

So I ordered a Thinkpad Edge 14 on March 1st. I wasn't quite sure about some specs so I started a chat with the online agent  and got them clarified (or so I thought). Because he told me that the Glossy refered to the finish of the display (and not the outer shell) I ordered the smooth  finish. YouTube videos on Lenovo's channel corrected that error on the agent's part. So I called ASAP to get that changed. I was told that the best thing to do would be to cancel the old order and get a new order. So I did that on the phone while talking to the customer rep and placed order #2. This was on March 2, at this point I had an estimated delivery of 03/17. I was told that this is still being treated as the first order due to them having to cancel the order to make that one change (the order was basically the stock Thinkpad Edge 14 with no customization). 


So  when I tried to make the payment change on order #2 I was told that the only way to do that was to cancel order #2 and place order #3. Now understand that this was the same order bing placed over again, I was told that there may be a delay of 2-3 more days. I figured that was acceptable so went ahead with order #3. This had a estimated delivery of 03/17 as well. I called the customer rep to confirm the cancellation of order #2 when i was told that order #3 was corrupt due to an error in their system. So I had to place order #4 !!!


When I finally placed order #4 i got an estimated delivery estimate of 03/23 ?!?!? The Lenovo website states that a wait time of 10 days is acceptable, but 19 days not counting  the days of the previous orders (which I had to cancel and replace because of weird system functioning at Lenovo!!). I am a graduate student and originally needed this for my midterms which will be long over by then. 


All this while I haven't been notified of any missing or out of stock parts all this while. Thinkpads are supposed to be professional grade laptops, so I would've expected professional grade service but this is far from being professional grade !! A wait period of 3 weeks with no explantions given is as unprofessional as it gets. My wife's Ideapad Y510 arrived in a week  and another order i placed for a friend with Dell arrived the middle of the next week after it was ordered. Regretably, I am starting to think if I made a mistake by ordering a Thinkpad Smiley Sad 


What makes this worse is that trying to chat with online agents is completely useless, they take forever to reply if they reply at all. The only saving face has been that the customer rep who I've been talking to has been receptive (although he hasn't been able to provide me any extra information either).


Why does a stock build of a laptop take almost 3 weeks to build, and more importantly does business grade service involve such long delays with absolutely no notifications/feedback given to the customer?


This was my last ditch effort to get some answers and get some updates on this, and hopefully some move on.


Thanks for reading.





EDIT: If it helps my current order number is xxxxxxx



Moderator Note; order number edited for members own protection


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Re: Help: Thinkpad Edge 14 - Ridiculously long wait !


@drrahurkar wrote:


Why does a stock build of a laptop take almost 3 weeks to build



It doesn't.  I ordered an Edge 15 for my nephew on 3/6.  The confirmation gave 3/23 as the expected ship date.  It also said I would get an email when the unit shipped.  I didn't.


It shipped on 3/8 from Shanghai and arrived on 3/11 in Denver.


I have no idea where they come up with their estimated ship dates.


This doesn't really help you, but maybe you'll see the machine sooner than you expect.


BTW, it's probably not a good idea to post an order number.  The bad guys may be watching.


Good luck,


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Paper Tape
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Re: Help: Thinkpad Edge 14 - Ridiculously long wait !

Thanks a lot Z. I haven't recieved it yet. I am kinda hoping my luck turns up soon. I really really hope it arrives soon, your post has given me hope and I am probably going to be like a kid peeping out of my cubicle at school every time i hear someone coming hoping its the Fedex/UPS/Shipping guys.


If it does show up by tomorrow or day after I will be ecstatic !! 


Thanks for the reply !!

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