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How to enable "Edge Tap Filtering" Thinkpad E550

Just got a new Thinkpad E550 running windows 10 and I'm missing some touchpad settings.

To avoid confusion, I'm talking about the touchpad not the trackpad.


I've never really liked the touchpads that Lenovo decided to put on the Broadwell gen Thinkpads, but I've taught myself to live with it by tapping the bottom left corner as if a physical button is present. Pretty much, one finger would be used to move around on the touchpad, and the other finger would click on the bottom left corner- just like where a left click button would be on a real touchpad. This was fully possible with a Thinkpad Yoga 12 (Gen 2) I use, but I can't seem to do it on the Thinkpad E550.


For some reason, the E550 doesn't have the "Synaptics Control Panel" that I loved on my Yoga 12. I relied on one setting that allowed me to actually be able to use the touchpad. This is called "Edge Tap Filtering". Just as the name suggests, "Edge Tap Filtering" would ignore taps on an adjustable reason towards the bottom of the touchpad. This allowed me to use the touchpad as I loved to, with one hand being able to move my mouse and the other to touch the bottom of the touchpad as if there is a physical buttom. Problem is, the E550 doesn't have this "Synaptics Control Panel" and its toned down version of ThinkPad touchpad settings doesn't have "Edge Tap Filtering" or anything remotely simillar. Whenever I would use my right hand to move my cursor around and use my left hand to click on the touchpad, the mouse would jump around and screw up whatever I'm doing. Not cool.


So is there anyway to get back the Synaptics Control Panel? Or is there something that I can use to get back my "Edge Tap Filtering"?


I've been relying on the cancerous trackpoint for all this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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