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How to make Recovery Partition in my new HDD (Win8.1)

I already re-install my Win8 with usb.
But after finish the installation (I choose Fully Clean in my new HDD), why there is no Recovery Partition like my old HDD (original HDD)?
how to make a Recovery Partition in my new HDD?


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Re: How to make Recovery Partition in my new HDD (Win8.1)

Creating the recovery partition

  1. Right-click the start orb, and start 'Disk Management'.
  2. Shrink the C: drive by let's say 20-30GB.
  3. Then create a new Partition and assign the R: label to it and name it RECOVERY.
  4. Then open command prompt as administrator and type: 'recimg /createimage <directory>',
    In this case: 'recimg /createimage R:\' to save it on the new partition.
    This step may consume a lot of time.
  5. Now we need to register the newly created recovery image: 'recimg /setcurrent <directory>'
    'recimg /setcurrent R:\'
  6. Voila you are done.

Restoring from recovery partition

You may want to use this restoring method by default, because it is the easiest way to do so if your recovery partition is still intact. If not, look at the other recovery methods to see which suits you best. This is usually the way you reset or refresh your Windows installation if you purchase a computer from a brand like Lenovo instead of building one yourself

  1. Press the Windows-key + C to open the charms bar or swipe in from the right.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Change PC Settings.
  4. Click Update & Recovery in the menu on the left.
  5. Click Recovery.
  6. If all your documents are safe and sound in your user folder, you can use Refresh your PC without affecting files. However I still recommend taking a back-up... If you want to do a complete reinstallation of Windows and also clean your user folder in the process then choose Remove everything and reinstall Windows.

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider - Windows Insider MVP

Personal website: ThinkScopes

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