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Fanfold Paper
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How to make bootable rescue and recovery partition to USB-stick



How can I make bootable rescue and recovery (factory default) partition to USB-stick/-hard drive?


When my hard disk fails (as it will) and I install new hard drive do I then get free recovery USB-stick from Lenovo? Or how this works with computers without DVD-drive. I would not like to go Linux/dd etc. zone. Just dead simple next, next, next prog which makes bootable USB-stick and copies recovery data to stick.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: How to make bootable rescue and recovery partition to USB-stick


Windows 7 64-bit

ThinkPad Edge 13" with Intel processor (SU7300)

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Re: How to make bootable rescue and recovery partition to USB-stick

I believe that the Rescue and Recovery enviroment is based upon windows  however you still may be able to do it. It depends upon weather the rescue and recovery environment is based upon the windows installation cd kernel, or the actual windows kernel. It is one of the two. I suggest burning the recovery disk software(find the burn recovery media or something like that) and then find the instructions online to install windows 7 from a usb drive. Instead of copying the windows 7 files from a disk copy the files off of your recovery dvd(it HAS to be a dvd) you probably will also need a windows disk to run the commandline tool to make the disk bootable. Afterwords try to boot the flash drive. If it actually starts to boot but gives you a blue screen of death it probably means that it uses the later windows kernel I mentioned above if it actually boots tell m, becuase that would a be a great recovery medium

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: How to make bootable rescue and recovery partition to USB-stick



One of the mods asked me if I had any ideas about this.  My reply is below.  It's not the last word, but maybe something there will help.  To (try to) be clear, this probably won't let you copy the full factory restore partition, but it should get you to a bootable flash drive.  You'll still have to store the backup image somewhere.


HEY - I missed the part of your post where you included a USB hard drive as an option.  Just use R&R to "create rescue media" on the external drive and then save a full backup on the external drive.


That won't save the factory "product recovery image" part of the service partition.  Running backups don't do that for some reason.  It will give you a way to get back to your "as configured" system.  If you want to be sure of a way to get back to "as shipped" configuration, you'll need an external DVD drive.





[edit]  Bold the simple answer above Smiley Happy




I took a look at that thread.  My first question for the OP would be: "how do you make your backups now?"  It seems to me that even a laptop without a DVD drive built in still needs an external device for backups.


The easiest thing would be for the OP to purchase an external DVD drive or hard drive and start making backups there.  Making it bootable (either HD or a bootable CD) with R&R's "create recovery media" allows booting the external device for a restore after the "inevitable" hard drive failure.


That's not a very friendly answer though...


I doubt that cloning the R&R partition is going to work.  It barely boots when it is in the normal location on the hard drive.  Touching it in any way usually breaks it.


However --- I'm running R&R 4.3 on my T400 and the R&R program itself can make a bootable USB flash drive that contains the R&R software.  I just got through making one and testing it.  Pretty cool.


My machine is a MS Win 7 clean install so I don't have a recovery image and I don't know if one can make factory product recovery media on a USB drive.  I doubt it.  Anyone else test this???


The OP can at least make a bootable flash drive, and if it's big enough (REALLY BIG) they can save a running backup image to it.  What would probably make more sense is to use the flash drive to boot R&R and from there access a recovery image elsewhere - perhaps on a network drive.


[edit] Acronis True Image can also make a bootable flash drive (or external HD) and save an image to that external device.  That still doesn't solve the problem of where to put the actual restore image. It will still take multiple Gigs of storage.  An external HD or DVD is probably part of the solution.

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