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What's DOS?
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I can not restore windows - got recovery disks shipped - doesn't work | thinkpad edge 540

This is worthless. My good ole (quality) laptop gave up after eight hard years of everyday use and travelling. So i bought a Lenovo four months ago, without much knowledge about how OS:s have evolved after Windows XP. The computer itself worked decently for some months, although i'm not a fan of windows 8. downloaded classic shell to get it operative and it worked for a while, then came issues. computer freezed spontaneously, apparently due to "disk usage 100%". and after an update it completely went haywire, couldn't boot. 0xc0000001 or something. 


The recovery partition didn't recover anything. I tried all the options, eventually even complete factory reset or whatever it was called. Didn't work. (i have diagnosed the hdd:s and they passed). 0xc0000001. Now is the first time i actually discovered what pre-installed Windows 8 meant in practice. I couldn't just go to the last resort, ie FORMAT C: and clean install OS. for apparent reasons, no DVD with windows.


So i ordered this from lenovo. Got recovery disks, 5 of them came. After a lot of tinkering with BIOS i managed to get them to work, or atleast pretend to work. After the long recovery process said it was finished, i rebooted, altered boot order etc. And what do i see now? After a weird long boot up:


Blue screen background, and the command prompt. It reads: X:\windows\system32>CALL X:\windows\system32\FIXLETR.CMD


What do i have to do to get this working? The retailer is closed on weekends so i can't go there and ******* the ******* laptop in someones ***


(please excuse my angry writing, english is not my mother toungue, and i think a brand new computer should work without this bull**bleep**. now i have to borrow a computer to pay my bills, and write this)



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Re: I can not restore windows - got recovery disks shipped - doesn't work | thinkpad edge 540

I have this same prolem with a Tablet 2.  Any help?

Punch Card
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Re: I can not restore windows - got recovery disks shipped - doesn't work | thinkpad edge 540



DId you ever get any answer to this?


I have a Lenovo Tablet 2, running Win8. I did a Rescue and Recovery operation and after completing the recovery process the tablet did a reboot - showed "Loading files" and then it shows a cmd window with the following:



X:\windows\system32\START /min CMD.EXE



I do not have the option to do anything from this screen.




I kept waiting for almost an hour and it finally went further in the recovery process.


I'm now stuck at C:\SWWORK\DOWORK.CMD - and it has been stuck here since yesterday afternoon, almost 12 hours.


Any idea what might cause this?





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