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Punch Card
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Lenovo 13 inch Edge Glossy or Matte?

I'm thinking about buying this Edge at amazon:

It seems I have seen models with a matte top and some with glossy. Also is the screen matte or glossy?


Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo 13 inch Edge Glossy or Matte?



As far as I know you can only get Glossy screens. I have an edge with a glossy back which is not bad since I am a bit OCD and clean it every day. But if I had the option in my country I would have loved to have gone with the Matte finish as this would be far less upkeep. The glossy back is just very prone to scratches and finger prints.


Kind Regards,




Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo 13 inch Edge Glossy or Matte?

HI falcon,


I just bought the ThinkPad Edge 15 with the matte screen.


I must admit, at first I was disappointed with the screen because the colours looked  washed out, and in fact I still do feel a bit let down with the screen in that sense and surprised Lenovo couldnt provide a better screen.


But the thing is I really find the reflections from a glossy screen too irritating and I'm concerned about the  negative effects this has on the eyes. On my Thinkpad Edge 15 this problem does not exist and this is what makes me choose it over a glossy screen.


The matte screen on the Thinkpad Edge really excels in daylight conditions such  as such as if you are sitting at a desk next to a window. So if you are a 'day person' then I would recommend you get the matte but if you are a night person (i.e. you will use the laptop where you can controlled the ambient lighting) then perhaps a glossy will be better.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo 13 inch Edge Glossy or Matte?

I also think the Ede 13 only is available in glossy screen.


Advantage of the glossy screen is that the colors look more vibrant. Disadvantage is readability in direct light. Some people love glossy screens and others hate it. I personally would prefer a matte screen but the Edge 13 was only available in glossy screen so I went for it anyway. In most situations this screen is fine.


I went for the matte lid because it has more the classic Thinkpad look.

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