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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

I sent in my Thinkpad E480 Notebook (IGPU version) for warranty repair to servion (in germany) and they replaced the mainboard.

Everything works fine now!


After receiving the Notebook from the repair company I also updated everything to the latest version (BIOS 1.24 and other Updates) with the Lenovo Vantage software, so before and after the updates everything works perfectly.


- There are no monitor flickers with the original USB-C cable that came with the Thinkpad USB-C Dock

- There are no battery discharge issues while running under heavy cpu/gpu load


I also resolved the fan noise issues with "Thinkpad Fan Control" by troubadix (use this advice at your own risk)


- For me the " latest common version" works best in "Smart Mode"

- to start the tool minimized:

C:\Program Files\TPFanControl\TPFanControl.ini
set existing entry from "StartMinimized=0"


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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Hi all,


thanks to @Fritze for the workaround that he posted which was marked as the solution earlier. We now have released a new Firmware for the Dock and a new BIOS Update for the E480 which resolve the described symptoms. We have published the following solution on our Support Page, which is listing the steps you need to do in order to fix the symptoms:


1.) Update system BIOS and all drivers: This can be accomplished by running Lenovo Vantage which can be found by clicking the windows icon in the system tray. This will bring up, under Lenovo, an Icon with a blue background with a large white L in the middle, this is Vantage.  Click to run this application.  If Vantage is not installed, download from the Microsoft Store, the shopping bag in your system tray.  When Vantage is run, the righthand side will display "System Update".  Run this program and it will automatically install the updates.

2.) Install this Dock firmware update:​

Here is a short readme file that provides an idea of what to expect when running the firmware update: update Readme.log​

3.) Power cycle the Dock to load this new firmware.  (Remove the AC adapter plug from the Dock to cycle the power).

This firmware in conjunction with BIOS and driver updates will have eliminated the issue, drive safely.

Best regards,


German, Czech & Slovak Community Lead

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Die Meinungen, die ich hier zum Ausdruck bringe, sind, falls nicht anders explizit ausgedrückt meine eigenen und es handelt sich um keine offizielle Stellungnahme von Lenovo.


Es ist wichtig zu betonen, dass die Foren die Ressourcen von Lenovo ergänzen aber den offiziellen Service nicht ersetzen. Eine Liste der Servicenummern kann unter dem folgenden Link gefunden werden: Telefonische Unterstützung

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Thank you for providing us this new firmware!
Works like a charm, even without Thunderbolt3 cables.

Good work Smiley Happy

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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Juraj: It was mentioned early in this thread that there are charging issues with the USB-C dock and the E480s. We have a number of E580s that have exhibited this charging issue as well. After a shutdown, the computer will not charge on the dock and will slowly deplete throughout the day until it ends up dying. The fix for the charging issue is to unplug/replug the dock, but this should not need to be done every day.


I don't see the charging issue mentioned in the fixes on the page you linked. Neither the dock support/downloads page, nor the E580 drivers page, are updated with the new firmware and so I can't review the change logs to see if this is addressed. Can you let us know if there is a fix for this in the recently-released updates, or if this is a known issue from Lenovo and is being fixed soon? Thanks.



From Lenovo Support twitter account regarding the charging issue:

Sorry for the trouble. We haven't received an advisory for any common issue with this machine and dock. Our support group are already aware of this, in the meantime, let's wait for updates to fix this issue. -Bobby_Lenovo

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

After going back and forth with the Lenovo Support (The Firmware update didn't solve the issue for me as one of the updates always failed to execute) they now decided I shall simply return the Docking Statuion. So now here I am with a E480 and no Docking Station. Which brings me to the point to think about an alternative Solution. Does anyone have a Docking Station running with the E480 without any issues? Lenovo doesn't seem to be able to help me so either I have to find a different docking station (The guy from the technical support suggested the hybrid dock ( ) which is way more expensive though. Anyone has a E480 successfully running with a 3rd party dock? Alternative would be to convince Lenovo to take the E480 back as well because without docking it's not usable for me :/

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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Hi guys, i'm kinda confused about dock support for the e480.

My first thought was that the e480 wasn't compatible with this type of peripheral because of the lack of thunderbolt 3.

But I checked the product page at Lenovo store (at least the brazillian page) and it says it is compatible.


What makes a dock compatible or not with our device?


I've been searching for alternatives besides the official thinkpad dock (because this is so expensive in my country), but I can't say when it's compatible and when it's not. What are the specs that I need to check to verify if a dock is compatible or not with the e480?


I found this product for example:


The specifications says that "To use the HD output port or VGA port, the host USB-C port from your device must support DisplayPort Alt Mode." As far as I know, it doesn't require thunderbolt, but what about this "displayport alt mode"? Does the e480 supports that? Checking the specs for the e480 we can see that its usb-c port supports video:

"One USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 (support data, video, and power delivery)"


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Can some kind soul please advise how to update the firmwar of a Lenovo USB-C Dock?

The Lenovo Vantage program does not recognize it.


Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

Lenovo System Update works.
What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo E480 usb-c dock problem with monitors

No it doesn't (for me). I foiund a separate page for downloading (thinkpad_usb_c_dock_firmware.exe), and it reports that it cannot detect the Lenovo Dock (tried with two different docking stations, and both work with other computers).


How do I invoke the warranty (only 2 days left)? The touchpad is broken too.

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