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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Edge E540 feature feedback

Here's an idea for the Product Team - find out who designed the Edge E540 and send him/her/them back to design school. I've just purchased one of these - only to find that it has two design faults. Number one - the mouse pad is far too clunky, and at the same time too sensitive. Number two - and for me an important one - there is no charge indicator light, so the only way of telling what the battery state is, and whether or not the laptop is fully charged, is to switch the laptop on. If I'd known about this before I purchased it, I would not have done so. I cannot imagine what the designer was thinking when he or she decided to omit this important indication. I'm going to ask the supplier if they will swap it for a different brand.

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Re: Lenovo Edge E540 feature feedback



Thanks for the feedback..   As a suggestion, you might check for a later touchpad driver from our support site and also see if you can adjust the sensitivity settings in the control panel.


Point taken on the indicator lights.    I've seen a reduction in indicator lights on various models and we are noting the customer feedback.  I certainly find them valuable and hope that future designs will put them back.


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Edge E540 feature feedback

Hi Mark -


Thanks for your response, but it's way too late. The Edge E540 was returned, on the day after I posted my comments, to the suppliers for full refund. I have since purchased a Hewlett-Packard laptop.

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Re: Lenovo Edge E540 feature feedback

Hello !

As we speak about feedback,

I would like to have a caps lock and num lock little led on the keyboard (like the tiny Fn green led).

As we are moving more and more to SSD drives, so noiseless, a disk activity led would be welcome and why on earth did you mask the DVD reader light with the bezel ?

Actual leds are more and more efficient. So the tiniest of them are enough to be seen, even in daylight, and they do not consume that much power you should remove them to get correct on battery figures...


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