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Lenovo e460 abruptly shutdown on replaced battery



  My battery was suddenly un recognized by the laptop as genuine and failed to boot a while ago, so I had to replace it but then there is this problem. The batery just randomly disconnect itself (battery goes to 0%) then reconnect again. Unluckily, all this happened after my waranty period ended.


 On plugged in, it is no problem but on battery, the computer just shut down immediately. I asked where i purchased the battery and they told me the problem is with the software so I had to do a clean windows reinstall (formatting the whole CSmiley Very Happyrive). The problem was solved but then as soon as I reinstall Lenovo Vantage (for the battery threshold), it came back.


 With that I knew the problem is the Lenono PM drivers. Then I tried to uninstall the driver but it keeps comming back. I also tried to do a clean windows reinstall but to no effect. Another thing is that when I put my laptop to sleep, the battery works normally without plugging in. Now, I had to disable the battery notification and plug in my laptop at all time.


 I hope someone here can help me fix this problem, at least how to remove the PM driver for good. Thank you all!

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