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Paper Tape
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M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E540

Hi all ....


I have novo thinkpad edge E540 can i use m.2 ssd to

Install the os on it and i open the back cover and found 

Place for the m.2 ssd and they told me that for wan 5G 

My E540 core i7 MQ 1tera 8g of ram

This is the place in my laptop

Please advice 

This is the m.2 ssd from amazon

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Re: M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E540

Hi Ali0770,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums!


Please find the below given link you get a detailed information, it might help you.


But you need to know few things before you take a decision to install the non-lenovo product. Any functionally equivalent product, program, or service that does not infringe any Lenovo intellectual property right may be used instead. However, it is your responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any other product, program, or service.


Regarding the OS installation in SSD, OS will only boot up faster with a solid-state drive. That being said, if you perform any operating system related task that needs to retrieve data from the drive, it will be much faster than if your OS was on the HDD. That being said, if you only care about loading subsequent programs (or logistically prefer keeping your OS separate), you can easily keep the SSD as a secondary drive, only using it for certain programs/tasks. The whole point of a solid-state drive is to decrease application loading times


Please let us know, whether the above steps helped you.

Thank you, have a good day.




Token Ring
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Re: M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E540

Hello !

I run this on my E540 (20C600JHFR).

I have partitioned it for 32 GB cache used on Windows 7 with the cache utility found on Lenovo support site. And the remaining space is used for Ubuntu 14.04 system.

It is running fine for 6 month now.

I've followed Lenovo advice stating that it is not advised to install Windows OS on these SSD. (I can't get the link so maybe I misread or mis interpreted).

Ubuntu is as fast as light (/home, /var and /tmp are on the hdd)  and Windows is faster than it was before so the cache is not useless ! (loading OpenOffice or LibreOffice is wonderful)  !

I use Ubuntu 99.9 % of the time so consider my advice acordingly ;-)

I f you plan to use it only on Windows, the cache utility could only use 32GB maximum so you can save some money not buying the 128 GB card ! 

I've no link with MemoryC web site. At the time I searched for such a card it was the cheapest and one of the few carrying the correct format/size card. (the space for it is VERY VERY small so look twice at the dimensions of the card you plan to buy ...

Hope this helps.

Paper Tape
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Re: M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E540

I bought a E540 two weeks ago, only because of the free M.2-slot (the new E550 has none). I built in the same (short!!!) SSD (Transcend 256 GB, 22,4 mm long). It works perfekt! No Problems at all!
Paper Tape
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Re: M.2 ssd for lenovo thinkpad edge E540

When I bought my E540, it was equipped with a 16GB M.2 2242 device from SanDisk, which is used as cache.

Now I'm considering an upgrade to a Transcend device with 512 GB capacity to be used as cache and boot disk.

Any known problems in association to this?

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