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Need Suggestion: buy ThinkPad Edge E540 or wait for Edge E550?

Hello Everyone,

I need suggestion what to do: buy ThinkPad Edge E54020C6003AGE (i7 4702MQ & GF 740M 2GB) or wait for Edge E550? in Germany is price about 830 Euros


I use ThinkPads in last 10 years for study and gaming (R60, SL510, Edge 520) and wish sell my Edge E520 replace it with new one due stuck with old Radeon 6630M drivers (I cannot use a new AMD drivers when I try I getting mostly BOSD errors and latest Official Lenovo driver is from 2012) second reason is that E520 fan cannot be accessed & cleaned on easy way.


In which month Lenovo mostly release new Edges, What is your option are Broadwell CPU + GeForce 840/940M in Edges worth to wait?


In future I try to avoid AMD GPU due poor drivers support.

I know that there is much better notebooks for gaming but I like ThinkPads Smiley Happy

I Have this Lenovo Computers
1. Think Centre M58 from 2008 an it is still good (Intel Q9550, 8GB DDR3, Radeon 6970, Intel SSD)
2. ThinkPad E540
3 ThinkPad Tab 2 (with it I have many problems)
4. Lenovo Vibe Z2

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