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Need opinions on Edge Performance

Here was a recent Tweet I saw and wondered how Lenovo community members would respond...



"Does anybody have a Thinkpad Edge 13, or other SULV/ULV/AMD Neo based laptop? I want to know how limiting the slow CPU is.."

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

I have a variety of PCs and laptops for work and home.  My work Thinkpad x61t uses a more powerful Core 2 processor than the SU7300 in the Edge (my personal laptop).


I think the Edge is great for watching videos, surfing the web, and doing work.  Where it falls short is gaming and heavy multimedia like video editing or converting a movie for an iPod quickly.


Honestly, when I ordered the Edge I was afraid that I'd be quite unhappy with the SU7300, but I'm quite surprised at how well it handles most of my everyday tasks.  With Windows 7, it feels quite zippy.

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

hi ,


i have Edge 13  0197-6GG Glossy Black with AMD Athlon Neo X2 dual core L325 1.5 ghz .. 4gb ddr2 ram . 320gb 5400 hitachi hdd... Running Windows 7 Professional x64


1. first of all when i was planning to buy AMD because in site i saw it s AMD Turion , not Athlon  , because Turion is better than Athlon ...


2. it has ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics accelerator which i thought it has 128 mb external video memory but i was wrong i guess , it shows dedicated video memory 256mb which spending from RAM   , and RAM shows 3.75 gb , total available graphics memory : 1919 > isnt ATI HD 3200 128mb external in this laptop ?


3. i installed photoshop and it works well on it .. but with complicated and many windows it s getting a bit slower ..


4. i tried NFS Undercover game it s too slow and cant allow playing well , but with less details i can play NFS Carbon


5.  windows performance rating is here >   i dont know why windows gives 3.1 to desktop performance with aero  even gaming graph is good .. why do u think aero rating is low ?


6. windows 7 boot is a bit slow i think , and it opens in about  1 minutes ..


7. sometimes while dealing with many pages it gets freezing little , and not responding  that i need to ctrl-alt-delete ...


i think i shouldnt expect much on this laptop .. by the way i like the design but they could put blue enter key and ThinkVantage button and some indicator led lights especially on power button : )


i need your opinions  to compare with mine = ) thx



ThinkPad X201 3680-AD6 / Intel Core i5 M560 2.67Ghz / DDR3 8GB / Intel SSD 730 Series 240GB / 12.1 WXGA 1280x800p / Dual boot Win10 Pro x64 + Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit / X200 Ultrabase / ThinkVision LT2252p
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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

Hi Mark,


Nice to directly discuss with a Lenovo's manager!

I gave somme thoughts in sevral topics

To resume, it's an excellent ultraportable PC (Intel french version - discrete 3G - matte black)... with ultraportable PCs limits!!

* some lags on HD video sreaming (1080)

* no gaming, but it doen't bother me, cause it's a business PC

* some little details as bad locations of ports (USB on the left), inserting SD card slot incomplete

* glossy screen, limited on outdoor using

* important flex on the lid, with a flex on the screen too (other parts rock-solid)

I stop here for cons.

I would add some thoughts about the software Thinkvantage, a bit heavy to set and launch (perhaps cause of limited proc?) ; I downloaded yesterday some fixes, it seems working better (Access connections and battery manager).

Another point : password manager does'nt work with Firefox 3.6 (.2 or .3)

Otherwise, I'm very satisfied by this PC : nice formfactor for road warriors, nice design, excellent keyboard, good stamina and battery life, fast charging, no noise and heat with fan (by basic mulititask using), excellent connectivity.


As configured, it's a real compelling choice for my profesionnal tasks.

Plse answer on issues (Firefox, issues with Thinkvantage access connections by changing the connection mode)


Greatings from France

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

Intel based Edge 13" NUD2EMS:


I installed Win7 Pro 64 and thought that the "experience" on the desktop was a bit disappointing...moving Windows around could sometimes stutter ever so slightly, and is probably due to either CPU or gfx capability.  There was no hdd thrashing at all though which is why I suspect it was CPU/gfx bound.  This was on clean install with only Internet Explorer open or Windows Explorer.


I loaded Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD and the difference was quite apparent: The desktop is very responsive even with full compiz effects enabled.  I can load several applications at once and experience no slowdown on the desktop.


Gigabit transfers over ethernet run in the realm of 28-30MB/s before it maxes out the CPU, which is not that bad.


I do not intend to play games on this laptop nor use it for computationally intensive workloads (have a server for that and use XDMCP)

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

I have Edge 13 (SU7300), Windows 7 64-bit. (drivers updated with thinkvantage) I have noticed same thing as finite9. Performance on desktop/browser/picasa is lower than i expected. When scrolling on webpage with flash/graphics screen update/refresh or whatever you want to call it is not smooth. Picking up scrollbar and scrolling page fast up and down is not smooth. Just comparing it to my desktop Pc Pentium4 3GHz, Nvidia 6600 GT, Windows xp sp3 is quite much smoother when scrolling on webpage or scrolling in picasa with screen full of pictures. Bit weird I think. I do not know if this is just because of non optimized GPU drivers or what´s happening here. Or is it just that Win 7 and Aero are bit too demanding. I have to say that my girlfriend doesn´t notice this lag/stutter Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

First of all, I do not have the 13, I bought the 14. But I spent a great deal of time on both before buying.


This is a business notebook for me, so no gaming other than a few low power games or videos during long flights. Mostly, I use open office document and spreadsheets, the web, and make heavy use of usb flash media and occasional DVD burns. I was looking for that perfect balance between performance and mobility, as well as  a robust build. I really wanted to like the 13, but in the end the neo cpu was just too slow for me. 


If you can be satisfied with the slight performance hit of the ULV cpu, and order it with 4gb of ram and the 7200ropm drive, the 13 would be an excellent machine. Battery life is about 2hrs more than the 14.  I liked the Edge 13 FAR better than comparable neo and i3 boxes from ASUS, Acer, Toshiba, and Sony. Several HPs caught my eye, but the lenovo Edge series had everything I wanted except the skinny and sexy looks.


That said, the 14 has a lot more performance, especially burning a disk, and I still get over 4hrs of battery using a conservative balanced power setup. Since they are the same size, I went with the better performance and slightly bigger screen of the 14. For my use, the right decision, but I can easily see where the 13 would be more than enough for average users.  Both models recharge really fast, so the slightly lower battery life of the Edge model was not a huge problem for me.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

I have an Edge 14". If you want XP-fast scrolling in applications you can turn off the Aero features


I had to switch to the "Windows 7 basic" theme to make the UI stop lagging. I think this makes the Window system behave much more like XP - single buffered, etc.


It may be just a limitation of Vista/Win7 that apps aren't quite as smooth in Aero mode. Could also be that the Intel card doesn't quite keep up. Maybe I will do some benchmarks to see. Smiley Happy

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Re: Need opinions on Edge Performance

I got my edge 13 Intel. I have to say im not as impressed by the performance as i was hoping to be. Then again i didnt buy this laptop for its performance.

I bought it for built in WWAN, GPS, Battery life, portability, price and well the Lenovo brand which i have some good experiences with at work. 


I havent really experimented with the performance that much yet. Though i think it's impacted heavily by Aero and by the HD. Program load times are a bit slow, but then again i can run VM's without any major problems, and if they are slow to start that's probably the slow HD. 


I'm planning on upgrading with an SSD Soon and I'm expecting good things from that personally, though we will see, If i do not see the performance gains the SSD will end up as an OS disk for my Gaming machine.



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