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New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?


Going through some of the new videos on lenovovision today and I ran across this one showing off some of the newer ThinkPad Edge systems.  I think the design is maturing - becoming a bit more professional and polished.   The accent band is now more subdued, the covers less shiny.


Why do you like most and what should we think about changing in the future?



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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

Hi Mark, I have an Edge 420, and it looks just fine.  So do the new ones in the video.


I do have to say that working on design elements of the Edge is a bit like rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titantic.  These machines don't work.  Read this forum.  Google "dead lenovo edge" and see the myriad of other forums where people are describing the motherboard failures that plague the Edge series.


I'm a small business consultant, and I bought my Edge as my prime work machine.  It has failed twice in three and a half months.  In both instances, it was at an inconvenient time that caused me to miss commitments to my client.  I'm anxiously waiting this morning for UPS to arrive so I can get my machine back and have access to several files that I don't have archived anywhere else.  Also on my list today is to order a new Dell.  I must have a reliable machine, and the Edge, at least my Edge, is not that.


I'm a retired IBM VP, and I have used Thinkpads for two decades.  The Thinkpad brand implies reliability, durability, and quality.  The Edge does not have these characteristics, and they cheapen the Thinkpad brand.


Mark, here's a challenge for you, and I'm serious about it.  Get yourself an Edge.  Put all the other Thinkpads in your signature line in a vault that you can't open for 4 months.  You can keep a desktop for backup.  When your motherboard fails, call your supportline, and send your machine to Memphis.  While it's gone, show up late and unprepared for business meetings, and be limited in your response to email.  Then when it returns, get back on this forum and tell us how important the glossiness of the case, or the brushed look of the metal strip is to the experience of the machine.


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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

The new Edge Ex30 machines positives:

1. Great keyboard feel.
2. like the silver hinge
3. Provision of USB 3.0 ports
4. Trackpoint better then the X1


1. Touchpad is not as accurate the one on the X1.
2. Fn key is all wrong, keyboard function design too similar to the Macbook/air/pro line of laptops.
3. No keyboard backlight or thinklight.

Jin Li

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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

[ Edited ]

 The new range of ThinkPad Edge looks more like an IdeaPad now than a ThinkPad.


 However, it still is an attractive laptop for students as well as SMBs.

It still is affordable, durable enough for normal users and looks good enough for the price.



 By the way, will Small Business Advantage become available for use in E420 in the future?

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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

I have 2 E525's. I am happy with the build, considering I paid under £400 each. The only problem I have are display drivers. I have really bad video when viewing flash. Every now and again, the flash player crashes video goes green and pixelated. And the drivers that Lenovo are still using are the oldest ones. AMD since then have released over 5 drivers. I slightly regret going AMD A8. I thought I was getting more bang for buck and supporting the underdog. But one of the computers seems to be so sluggish, I don't know why. The only difference is that it has 2 GB ram whereas the one I am using this minute has 4. I understand 540mb is saved for the graphics. But that should be a mammoth amount and the computer should be singing. 1.5GB left for basically watching TV online should be more than enough. The HDD is empty and it doesn't even have an email account. All that it's used for is streaming TV (flash).

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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

Flash video is fine full-screen on older Edge 15 AMD laptops here with the latest AMD drivers.


I upgraded all the Edge 15s here to 4GB on the assumption that Windows XP needs at least 1GB per processor core, Windows 7 needs at least 2GB per processor core.


I would try a 2GB RAM upgrade, about £11 from Crucial, and the latest AMD drivers... 

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Re: New Edge systems - what do you think of the styling & design?

The general look is better, but I noticed they have the headphone jack, power cord, and ethernet connection all on the right side. Not exactly practical design choices.

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